Too Fat for Lipo

Ugh… I had a shitty week, but TGIF I suppose.

I’ve had some challenges at work, I got my first ever migraine (aura and everything), fell over outside my work and had a miserable doctors appointment.

So the doctors appointment… I decided to go back to see the plastic surgeon who did my body lift to ask about some liposuction on my lower back. I had always been unhappy with my lower back after my surgery because it bulges out, instead of curving in like a back should. It makes me feel very insecure and I go to a lot of lengths to try and cover it up. I thought a little lipo might help the issue.

Turns out that I am too fat for lipo.


My surgeon asked me how much I weighed and I told him that I don’t weigh myself, he said ‘maybe that is your problem’. Ouch. So, at his insistence, I got on the scales and the number was 88.5 kilos (194.7 lbs). Admittedly, this was much higher than I anticipated. I genuinely thought I was at least 5 kilos less than that. Damn it.

eating problem

Then he gave me a lecture on how I need to go back and see my lap band doctor and use my lap band properly… blah blah blah. I tried to explain that I had difficulty with it, but I could tell he just thought that I was full of shit. He was so pro-lap band that it wasn’t worth discussing further.


He said he wouldn’t do anything with my back until I lost 10 kilos. Even though he admitted that weight loss wouldn’t really improve my back issues. If I was braver, I would have said that I thought he should have fixed my lower back issues properly in the first surgery (I didn’t because I am a scaredy cat).

fuck you

I’m not saying he was wrong, he is the expert after all, but his delivery could have done with a little work… What really frustrated me was that he didn’t understand that I could be OK with myself at my current weight and that I just wanted to fix an issue that puts my body out of proportion. I guess a cosmetic surgery is not the best place to try and be body positive… ha ha!

stop talking

I left the appointment feeling pretty stupid and $225 poorer. The whole experience completely put me off the idea of having lipo for now.

interesting visit

So that means I can put my money toward much more important things.