A 2 Year Old

I have a 2 year old on my hands!

What can I tell you about my baby boy? He’s a gentle, shy, affectionate kid who loves his mum and dad and Nanoo and Poppy. He loves going to the park (but will only go down the slide if no one is looking at him), also loves the Wiggles and following Emma’s ballet dance moves, watching cars out the window, riding his bike, bubbles, balloons, fans, light switches, this little piggy, play doh, drawing and flowers. Does not like wearing clothes, eating vegetables or going to bed. He is absolute perfection to me and his dad. 💗

Unfortunately August got a shocking cold just before his birthday so it was a bit low-key. We didn’t have a party or anything because we don’t have much of a network where we live and out families live ages away. My dad and step mum were babysitting my niece for a week while her mum was at a conference in Melbourne so they bought her over for the night for a sleepover and then we all went to the Melbourne museum the next day. It’s so amazing for kids, we got a membership and try to go regularly. We also met my sister in law there and had a lovely afternoon with the kids.

I took the day off work on Augie’s birthday and we went to the Melbourne Zoo. It was his first trip to the zoo and he seemed to enjoy it a lot (despite being very under the weather). We bought a family membership so we can go back and also visit the other local zoos and the Taronga zoo when we are in Sydney. His favourite were the meerkats and he keeps talking about “meerkats, meerkats” and watching them on YouTube. I had a lot of fun and it bought back a lot of memories for me of family trips to the zoo growing up.

We came home after and had cake (it’s a 90 minute drive home so it was a long day). Augie did not like when we sang happy birthday at all, he just hid his face. We had been practicing last week and he loved saying “hip hip hooray” but the long day got the better of him I think. Fair enough, I hate having happy birthday sung to me too!

Didn’t actually eat any cake, just licked it!

I tried not to spoil him with presents… but it’s so hard! I got him a new birthday outfit and runners (because he lost his on our recent holiday to Uluru), a tambourine, a little matchbox car, a Winnie the Pooh book and a bubble machine. His main present is a donation to charity because he is already a very lucky boy.

Opening presents when he wasn’t feeling very well

I think I mentioned last month that his development is exploding and it still seems to be the case. He surprises me every day. A few days ago he was in bed with me and accidentally smacked my face and then said “sorry”, which I didn’t know he understood. He loves to put rubbish in the bin and the other day he got an empty can of Pepsi Max and instead of putting it in the bin, he crushed it and put it in recycling. Tonight he picked up my bra and tried to put it in and said “boobies”. He’s even starting to become helpful, I asked him to turn the kitchen lights on for me the other day and pass me my pyjamas and he actually did it.

Unfortunately he can be too much of a sponge… Last week AJ and I were talking about something that annoyed us and clearly had a particular tone to our voices. So Augie just pipes up loudly to contribute “shit” and then 20 seconds later he adds “fuck”. We hadn’t even used any swear words but he has obviously picked up that we often use those words when we are annoyed. Oh my god, what fantastic parents!

He has become obsessed with my dad and demands to watch videos/photos of Poppy on my phone all day. He even prefers it over baby shark so that tells you how much he loves him. It’s fantastic because he is so incredibly shy and doesn’t have any bonds with anyone except me and AJ so I’m pleased he’s been able to develop one with my dad.

One big issue of late is sleep. It is seriously worse than newborn sleep. He’s waking over and over all night upset and then I end up putting him in bed with me so I can try and get a little sleep. Of course then he climbs all over me all night so not much sleep is happening. Apparently there is a major sleep regression at 2, so I’m hoping it’ll clear itself up. I’m honestly at breaking point from lack of sleep right now.

I think we also need to reduce his day nap more so he’ll go to bed at a reasonable time. A while back I cut it to 90 minutes, but he still won’t go to bed until about 9.00 pm. I just can’t handle parenting at that time of the night, I need a break. I’m so envious of parents whose kids go to bed at 7.00 pm. What am I doing wrong? 😭

I’m also seriously considering daycare options. I wanted to wait until I felt like he’d get something out of it and he might be close to that point. I found an amazing centre that encourages very long orientation periods (3 months +) to ensure it’s a gentle and stress free process for a kid like Augie who is shy and hasn’t been looked after by anyone else before. I can be there and in their parents room the entire time and it won’t cost a cent until I actually start leaving him independently. It’s also new and so it doesn’t have many kids and won’t be overwhelming for him. I’m terrified and heartbroken (but slightly excited) at the idea of it though.

Happy 2nd birthday to my beautiful boy. You are an absolute delight. 💝

23 Months. OMFG!

I can’t even cope with the fact I have an almost 2 year old. Wow, 2 year olds are so old. I used to look at 2 year olds at the park or on mummy instagram accounts and think they were practically adults. Now I have a 23 month old on my hands. But, I will not complain about Augie getting older because getting older is a joy and a privilege that not everyone gets to experience.

Last month we were at the end of a horrible sickness for Augie. I was feeling pretty low and wondering if my gorgeous boy was ever going to snap out of it, but he did eventually. We’ve had some rough days/nights with his back molars starting to come in, but nothing we can’t handle.

This month we went on a big family adventure with a trip to Uluru for my step mum’s 50th Birthday. It was an amazing holiday with my dad, step mum, brother, sister-in-law and niece. We had a direct flight to Uluru and it was only 3 hours. Augie was fantastic, he slept and then played and watched the iPad on both flights. Uluru was incredible and I’d love to go back one day and have more time to soak it all up and do some hikes.

We stayed at the big resort there and had 3 apartments all next door to each other, which worked out awesomely because we could all come and go and still hang out while the kids slept. We did the fancy Sounds of Silence dinner, a helicopter flight, spa afternoon and the Field of Lights. The only hard part were the flies. I bought a fly net after less than an hour there. I could not handle it. 😣

So I’m not sure if Augie has had a development period, but everyone says he looks massive all of a sudden and his speech and awareness has just gone nuts. He’s often talking in [short] sentences now. Things like saying “eat eat eat apples and bananas” which is a Wiggles song he likes. Tonight we were reading a book and he said the line “hurrah it’s a party”. It’s definitely a lot easier when he can communicate like this now. Though one funny thing he does is say “more” when he wants something, but I often don’t know what he wants, so I’ll say “more what?” and he just says “more PLEASE”. Hmmm, great manners, but not helpful.

Right now his favourite things are “this little piggy”, riding his little bike inside, washing the dishes {making mess} and watching cars drive past outside through the window. He is also constantly picking up AJ’s tins of mints and spilling them all on the floor and saying “oh no… mints” and claps his hands on his face like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. Now whenever ever he has any accident he says “oh no… mints” even though mints were not involved. It’s very cute.

He’s finally starting to get into colouring and has learnt all his colours now and loves pointing them out everywhere we go. We have a google powered light in the office and you can change the colour with voice activation so he just yells at it all day “OK Google PURPLE! BLUE! PINK”. He’s even learned fuschia, magenta, gold, vermilion (apparently that’s a colour). His memory is insane, we drove into Melbourne the other day and he started saying “Fishies! Owls!” because he realised we were near the aquarium (he calls penguins “owls”. I think he’s going to be smarter than me soon.

Some other things:

  • His 2 year old molars are coming in… it’s tough going
  • Won’t ever say “yes”, every answer is “naaaah”
  • Does not like wearing clothes (or god forbid a jacket). It’s a constant battle
  • Balloons, balls and bubbles are life
  • Loves to sit on a step and say “ahhh comfy”
  • Will not eats vegetable to save his life
  • Asks to take a photo and holds my phone up at a selfie angle
  • Must have two of every food- one for each hand

Something has happened in the last month and he’s suddenly super clingy with me. He has always been a total daddy’s boy. He would literally shove me away and scream for DAD-EEEEE. But now he’s just all about mum. He snuggles into me, touches my face and says “mu-um” in the sweetest voice. I won’t lie, I bloody love it. Finally!!!

I’m not sure if it’s just winter, but I am feeling a bit down lately. I’ve been regretting our decision to live away from friends and family and just feel so isolated. I’ve been making a concerted effort to hang out with people more and it really helps, but I’m just not loving our new house out in the suburbs. I miss our little house by the beach and our city townhouse. I don’t think I’m cut out for the suburbs. Where to next I wonder? I’m getting sick of moving around, but I just haven’t found the right place yet.


Literally as I was writing this and about to post a week ago, I hear a little voice on the baby monitor saying “mum” super quiet… I investigate and we have projectile vomit. Poor little guy was throwing up for 2 hours. Thankfully he seemed to get it out of his system and he was perfectly fine the next day.

Never a dull moment! Actually that’s a lie, there are plenty of dull moments in parenting… 😝