Stuff & Nonsense

I feel like writing, but I don’t have it in me to be coherent, so bullet points it will be.

  • I’m supposed to be on a plane right now going to Brisbane for work, but I hurt my shoulder last night and I’m in bed instead and in a lot of pain.
  • It’s my 35th birthday on Wednesday. Hmmm.
  • At the end of Tuesday I will be on holidays for two and a half weeks. Thank god.
  • In the last month I have been to the following cities: Launceston, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Sydney. I’m tired.
  • This is going to be my second Christmas without my mum.
  • I have finished all my Christmas shopping… but not wrapped it yet. I won’t be able to now with my sore shoulder so I am going to have to subject everyone to AJ’s terrible wrapping efforts.
  • I have felt more anxious than usual lately. I think it’s just the Christmas season.
  • It is my gran’s birthday today. I visited her yesterday in her nursing home and she doesn’t know who I am because she has Alzheimer’s. It is heartbreaking to watch and I miss her.
  • My brother and sister-in-law moved to Sydney in September and it feels weird without them around. I am going to visit them on Boxing Day though which should be fun.
  • I might be buying a house (well a townhouse anyway). I am really excited about this… stay tuned. For Melbourne locals, it’s in Brunswick.
  • I have not felt like eating much lately. I think its just the hot weather and anxiety. Very unusual for me because normally anxiety = binge eating.
  • God I wish I could lose 10 kilos. Maybe next year?

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