Week 31: 19 May

Weight: I had a small gain of 200 grams this week which takes me to 88.8 kilos. I was looking back on my weight notes and I can see that I was 87.8 kilos at week 25, which means I have only gained 1 kilo in 6 weeks. I think that is because I have been losing some of the extra weight I gained early on in the pregnancy when I was over-eating to soothe nausea and then over-eating due to stress of moving and my living situation, so I think that was just balancing out a little. I can still expect a bit of a growth spurt over the coming weeks and my app says it’s normal to gain about half a kilo a week.

This week: 88.8 kilos (195.3 lbs)
Up: 200 grams (0.44 lbs)
Total pregnancy gain: 8.8 kilos (19.3 lbs)

How far along: 31 weeks. On Sunday I was exactly 7 months pregnant. How bizarre to think I am only 2 months away from having a baby. Oh god I hope I have a house by then!

How big is baby: Baby weighs about as much as a coconut (1.5 kilos) and measures about 41 cm. Wow that is massive, no wonder I can’t walk or talk without giving myself a stitch!

Sleep: No, still not much sleep happening. Plus, AJ has been snoring a lot lately (I think because he is working so hard and is over-tired) so I lie in bed with insomnia and listen to him snore. I’m about to go insane, but I can’t even move to another room because we are in a tiny hotel room and there is nowhere else to go. Poor AJ just gets about 100 jabs in his ribs every night and then wonders why he is so tired in the mornings ha ha.

Symptoms: Oh my god, the worst has happened… haemorrhoids. Sigh. I feel like I have no control of my body and gross things just keep happening to me. There is no dignity to pregnancy.

Best moment of this week: I don’t know if I would say this was the best moment (that would be those great dumplings I had Saturday night), but it was an interesting moment at least.

AJ and I did our hospital parenting classes on Saturday. It was a full day that started with birthing in the morning and then post-natal in the afternoon. I learnt a lot about what to expect when I go into labour and what my options are (lots of drugs!) and what to expect after. Some of it I would probably rather not know. Then in post natal we learnt practical things like swaddling and putting nappies on dolls. I am guessing the real thing will be a bit harder…

It was such a long day though, we could have split it up over 2 evenings, which in hindsight would have been better because by the end of the day I was just “yeah, yeah, yeah whatever, the baby will be fine…”.


Miss anything: Energy. OK, I am not normally the most energetic person in the world, but I am beyond tired right now. Work, insomnia and queasiness is just killing me. Maternity leave countdown is on!

Movement: Lots and lots. A fair bit of it is top right of my stomach, which I think might be where the little tootsies are kicking me.

This is AJ having his nightly chat with bubs. Sorry if that photo is TMI!!!


Food cravings: I would happily eat crumpets with cheese and vegemite for tea every night.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Yeah I am not feeling great lately, it feels like morning sickness has been returning a bit. It’s not quite as bad as the first 12 weeks and at least I don’t have to try and hide it at work this time.

Gender: No idea. It’s no secret that I imagine myself with a little girl, so it’s going to freak me out if it’s a boy!

How’s your mood: The usual ups and downs. My patience wears thin pretty quick some days and it’s not helped by a disagreement AJ and I had this week that is niggling me.

I asked that when I go into labour that we keep it private until I am ready to tell anyone because I don’t want us to have to be updating family and answering questions or having family waiting in the corridors. I know they would worry and it’s only fair that we keep them informed once they know things are underway, but I don’t want AJ to be texting and calling people when I need his support. I swear to god that I will throw his phone out the window if he is texting his bloody family updates every 10 minutes instead of being present with me. I know our families are excited for the baby, but it’s not like any of them have been particularly involved with the whole pregnancy and would expect to be kept in the loop.

I’d like to take as long as I need to recover from birth, spend time with the baby and then contact family when I am ready. He is worried that this is leaving people out, especially because all of our family live between 2-4 hours away (and my brother who is 9 hours away) and will need time to travel. I don’t think he really understands that my body will be going through a trauma and I may not want 10 people inundating me, depending on how the birth goes. The midwives in our parenting classes also made it clear that it was best for baby to have quiet time with mum and dad to recover from birth too.

Plus, his sister didn’t tell us when she had her kids until after, so I am not sure why he seems to think this is so rude. I really don’t think his family or my family will expect to be alerted to my labour. I think they understand that it’s a scary, exciting and private time for us and we will let them know as soon as we are ready. Sometimes I feel like he puts other people’s feelings before our own needs. Don’t worry though, I will win this battle. I think on the big day it’ll sink in and he’ll be all about doing what is best for us and the baby. 🙂

Looking forward to: I am flying to Sydney on Friday morning to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday with my brother, sister-in-law and of course my lovely niece Penelope. I can’t wait to see her. Plus it’ll most likely be the last time I see my family until my new little arrival. Weird.

The Bump: You can definitely see it now right?! This was taken after work, hence why I look completely buggered.



Week 30: 12 May

Weight: I was slightly down in weight this week, which didn’t surprise me too much because I felt really puffy last week when I weighed in so I had a feeling I was retaining a bit of water.

This week: 88.6 kilos (194.9 lbs)
Down: 200 grams (0.44 lbs)
Total pregnancy gain: 8.6 kilos (18.9 lbs)

How far along: 30 weeks, so I am 3/4 of the way through. Woo hoo! Being into the “30’s” seems like a bit of a big deal. I’m really getting there!

How big is baby: About the size of a cabbage and measuring about 40 cm from head to toe. Wow that is quite big. No wonder it’s getting hard to get out of bed or bend over.

Sleep: I’m still struggling with insomnia and its getting harder to cope with as the weeks go on. I’m just so tired and I’d love a day off work or an afternoon nap. It’s not long until I go on maternity leave now, so I just need to hang in there.

Symptoms: Pregnancy aches and pains are probably increasing a bit: heart burn, pelvic cramps, feeling breathless when I walk or talk too much, back ache, bladder pressure, tiredness. All the usual things you hear about. Nothing to worry about, just normal pregnancy stuff.

I also saw my obstetrician this week and she said my iron was low, so I am guessing that is where a lot of this exhaustion is stemming from. Earlier in my pregnancy my iron levels were really good. I had given myself a massive pat on the back for eating so well as I have always struggled with my iron levels since having the lap band. I’ve had fluid out of my band for a while now, which has made it easier to eat well, but during pregnancy I have been making a massive effort to make every meal a home run to ensure I get enough good things for me and bubs. Unfortunately this baby is just a little blood sucker and it’s sucked me dry, which is pretty common in pregnancy I believe. AJ has raced out and bought me iron tablets and beef stir fry strips and beef mince, so I am sure I will be back on track in no time.

Best moment of this week: Well, my maternity leave cover started at work this week so I can finally see an end in sight. There has been a lot of pressure on me at work at the moment, so I am feeling a bit relieved already that not everything is my responsibility and I am sure he’ll start to be a big help soon.

Miss anything: Well it was mother’s Day on Sunday. I miss my mum every day, but of course it stings a little more than usual on mother’s day. I guess next year it will be a little different for me as I will be a mum for the first time. I must admit that days like that don’t mean a whole heap to me, so I doubt I’ll be wanting a fuss to be made, but I won’t knock back tea and pancakes in bed. I’m not crazy!

This year on mother’s day AJ and I went to the footy so bubs could witness it’s first Richmond loss. I’m sure there will be plenty more to come! I may have a Richmond scarf on (it was cold) but I am still wearing my little cat earrings #gocats. 🙂


Movement: Lots of movement at night this week. AJ has loved watching my tummy move as bubs wriggles around. He has started calling bubs punchy because of how many blows my tummy is taking from this kid.

Food cravings: Anything sweet!!! I’d say this week is the most I have really experienced food cravings in this pregnancy. I just want to eat lollies all of the time. I don’t even normally like lollies very much and would much prefer chocolate, but all I want to do is eat bags of them. I am trying to be careful with sugar, but I have indulged in some late night sweet treats this week… totally spurred on by AJ who is a terrible enabler and kept the cupboard stocked with bags of lollies. He literally just threw one at me as I am typing this LOL. Lucky I passed my gestational diabetes test!

Here I am getting stuck into a chocolate, peanut, malteaser and caramel apple that my friend bought me last week because I couldn’t have wine and cheese on our weekend away. As I said, sweet cravings have hit me hard this week!


Anything making you queasy or sick: The iron tablets I have to take. Yuck.

Gender: I still don’t know. I am getting stressed if it’s a boy because we cannot come up with any boy names we really like. I am totally stumped. Help!

How’s your mood: I am definitely a little more snappy and emotional than my non-pregnant self (which AJ bears the brunt of), but I think I am doing OK. I can tell my patience is a little tested when training my replacement at work. I am normally a very patient person and I am having to bite my tongue and just let him do things his own way and at his own pace. I’d feel terrible if I made him feel bad at all.

Looking forward to: Going on maternity leave and having a year away from emails and meetings.a

The Bump: As usual, getting a photo that shows any bump was difficult. I tried pulling my top up, but I don’t think I pulled it off ha ha. Surely bubs is going to run out of room soon enough and I’ll get a proper bump?

It has been so awkward at work this week because my maternity leave cover started, which meant I have been introducing him to everyone and of course everyone is shocked because they didn’t know I was pregnant. I am not one to talk about myself a lot at work, so I hadn’t really told many people unless it somehow came up in conversation and obviously they couldn’t tell I was pregnant. So I have had to graciously field all the comments about how you can’t tell I am pregnant. Fun!


29 Weeks: 5 May

Am I boring everyone to death with all this pregnancy stuff? I would have found it boring before I was pregnant, so I understand! I know it’s not interesting for anyone else, but it’s all I can really think about. I hope this doesn’t mean I am going to talk non-stop about my baby too… and god forbid I flood my Instagram with photos. I am going to be such a bore!

Weight: I had a strong feeling I would see a steep rise in my weight this week. I was so hungry all week and so I thought baby might be having a growth spurt. I also felt a bit puffier and bloated than usual.

This week: 88.8 kgs (195.3 lbs)
Up: 1.1 kgs (2.4 lbs)
Total pregnancy gain: 8.8 kgs (19.3 lbs)

How far along: 29 weeks. Last week in my 20’s!

How big is baby: The size of a butternut pumpkin. Yep, I am definitely feeling that little pumpkin in my belly.

Sleep: Same, same. Insomnia most nights, but nothing I can’t cope with.

Symptoms: I am feeling just a little bloated in my hands, legs and feet this week. I’m also getting a few hot flushes and cramps in my legs and feet. Nothing serious.

Best moment of this week: I had a lovely weekend away to Bright with a couple of girlfriends (and AJ too). We booked this last year before I was pregnant and it was supposed to be a wine and cheese weekend, so it wasn’t quite what I had planned, but still great just the same. We are planning to do it again next year and AJ said he will look after bubs and drive us to the wineries so that I can let my hair down!

Miss anything: Yes, wine and cheese!!!! I got a bit shitty at one point over the weekend watching everyone get stuck into all the delicious wines and cheeses… but I got over it ha ha!

Movement: Baby is not moving around as much as normal, but I’m not sure if it’s because I have been too busy to pay much notice or because bubs is running out of space and can’t move so much anymore. Probably both.

Food cravings: It is all about sweet foods for me this week. I try to stick to a few squares of 85% dark chocolate, but I am not always perfect. I was having a shockingly bad day at work so AJ had some donuts delivered to me to cheer me up. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat them all. 🙂


Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. I tend to either be starving or lack any appetite and there isn’t much of an in between. I think I am getting a bit sick of steamed vegetables, brown rice, tuna and chicken and so I can’t be bothered eating. I just don’t have many great options for cooking in the hotel. Please let me house be ready soon!

Gender: ?????

How’s your mood: I’ve been feeling a little down throughout my pregnancy. I guess I have felt a bit lonely because my mum isn’t around anymore and none of my other family have reached out to show much interest. I have two brothers, one is estranged and the other lives far away and just had his own baby and my dad has never been a great communicator (bloody men). I’ve not ever been close to AJ’s mum or sisters, which I hope might change a bit when bubs comes along. Then, this week AJ’s mum and one of his sister’s sent me some nice text messages to check in and see how I was feeling. Then my brother also text me to see how I was going. I got a bit suspicious that the text came after AJ had caught up with my brother for coffee while on a work trip to Sydney. I asked him if he’d said anything to anyone and his expression gave him away a little bit. I didn’t ask anymore questions because I don’t need to know what was said, I am just grateful that he cared enough to mention it to our family (even though it’s a little embarrassing) and it made me feel so happy to have people reach out and show they care. 

Looking forward to: My maternity leave replacement starting next week. Oh god, that will be amazing to have some help.

The Bump: I am really trying to get photos that show the bump, but it is more of a series of lumps and really not showing up in photos. I’m starting to wonder if I might never get that pop of baby bump?


Week 28: 28 April

I had my 28 week check up with my obstetrician this week. All is going along fine, baby’s heartbeat was good and she did a fundal height measurement and said everything was tracking well. From this point on I have fortnightly appointments with my obstetrician… eeeek it’s all happening!

During my check up I also did my glucose tolerance test (GTT), which is actually the second one I have done now. I did one at about 14 weeks as well because of my PCOS and family history of diabetes. I don’t have the results yet, but I don’t anticipate any issues. For anyone that doesn’t know, the GTT is a test for gestational diabetes where you fast overnight and then have your blood taken, then drink a very sweet sugar drink and have your blood taken again in 1 hour, then a third time in 2 hours. I’ve done these before for my PCOS and haven’t had any issues. Both times I have done these during pregnancy though I have felt very shaky and sick on the tram on the way to work afterwards. I had hoped to work from home after this test, but a full afternoon of meetings made that impossible unfortunately. Once I got some food into me I did feel a little better, but really all I wanted then was a sleep!

I also had to get my first anti-D injection because I have a negative blood type. This is a little confusing, but my basic understanding is that because I have a negative blood type and the baby is likely to be positive (which is much more common) they have to prepare me to ensure I am covered if my blood and the baby’s blood mixes and antibodies are formed. I think I get another two injections before baby is born and the last one straight after birth.

Weight: Once again I lost a little weight this week. Not much, just 200 grams (0.4 lbs) and I put this down to the usual weight fluctuations. I am obviously not trying to lose weight, just eat very healthy– mostly to assist with the reflux! I feel like baby is on a growth spurt this week, so I expect to see the scales go up next week!

This week: 87.7 kgs (192.9 lbs)
Down: 200 grams (0.4 lbs)
Total pregnancy gain: 7.7 kgs (16.9 lbs)

How far along: 28 weeks. Two women from my online pregnancy forum have given birth to healthy babies this week, so that is freaking me out a little bit that this is really happening.

How big is baby: It weighs as much as an eggplant, apparently a little over a kilo and measures 38 cm from top to toe.

Sleep: Well I am writing this at 4.00 am… so what does that tell you? 🙂

Symptoms: Oh some new ones happening this week! I’ve been getting leg and foot cramps during the night. I had one particularly bad incident where I was just screaming and had no idea how to fix it, lucky I woke AJ up and he somehow knew what was going on and stretched my foot in the right way until the cramp went away. That one hurt for about 3 days after it was so bad.

I’m also starting to struggle with walking. I walk 1.5 km each way to work, which is usually fine, but a few times I have been walking with a colleague or AJ and trying to match their pace and talk while walking has given me bad stitches and cramps. It’s quite a shock when you realise you struggle with simple things like walking!

Best moment of this week: We went to a baby show over the weekend (which was not exactly fun) but it did help us make some decisions on a couple of purchases so we finally bought our car seat and pram- yay! For anyone interested, we bought the Maxi Cosi Moda car seat and the Redsbaby Metro pram. My sister in law has a Redsbaby and I have read so many good things about them, it’s hard to go past it for the price. It’s about $1000 less than the next pram I was interested in (Joolz Day 2). Given we have had a few hiccups with the bank this week and finding out we need to cover our stamp duty upfront (not roll into our house loan) we need to be careful with money where we can.

Miss anything: Nothing comes to mind this week.

Movement: Lots of kicks and punches and wiggles, especially after I eat some dark chocolate in the evening.

Food cravings: Chocolate, donuts and hot chips… but that is normal for me.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, just the usual heartburn and reflux. I can’t wait until this goes away and I can eat a pizza!

Gender: ??? I honestly have no idea!

How’s your mood: A bit better this week, which is mostly die to being insanely busy at work and not having a second to worry about anything else. So even though I am under a lot of pressure, it’s a bit of a blessing in disguise because it is making the weeks go quickly and doesn’t leave me any time to think about anything else.

Looking forward to: The main thing I am looking forward to is getting into my house and going on maternity leave. I can’t think of much else apart from that at the moment!

The Bump: It looks bigger some days than others, but it still isn’t a nice round little bump, definitely just filling out my already chubby frame. I tried to pull my dress tight in the photo below, which is mostly just unflattering… Most people don’t know I am pregnant, not even at work, so I guess it is going to be a surprise when I go on maternity leave in 5 weeks!