13 Months + a Job

I got myself a job. Yay!

It’s just a 3 month contract, but it’s given us some financial breathing space. I’m working 20ish hours a week, mostly from home in a digital marketing role (social media management, websites, emails etc). I almost took a very shitty, low-paying and demoralising job, so I’m glad I held out for something better. I got very lucky and and an old boss just offered me the role without me having to apply because I know how rare part-time, work from home jobs are!

I have been going into the office a couple of days a week while I get on my feet and work out what I am doing, unfortunately because I live in Torquay and my office is the other side of Melbourne it has been taking about 3 hours each way and on those days I don’t get to see Augie at all because I leave at 6.00 am and get home at 7.30 pm. Ahhhh I miss that little guy so much when I’m away (I’m on the train to work now as I write this) and I end up being a creepy lady who stares at other babies I see and smile because I miss my baby so much.

I have to say that it’s been a juggle (to say the least) to work over 20 hours a week and still have Augie at home with us. AJ works from home, so we’ve been trying to make it work so that August doesn’t have to go into childcare, but it’s been pretty tough and if the role continues past 3 months, we will need to reconsider. Right now, AJ will work from 6.00 am – 1.00 pm and I’ll work from 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm and whoever isn’t working will be with Augie. Then AJ will normally do more work when Augie goes to bed at night and that’s my only window to clean, cook, organise the house etc.

I’m very grateful for my job, but I don’t want life to continue to be this busy. I need more breathing space! Even when I’m with Augie, I’m still doing work emails and trying to deal with urgent work issues. Augie is so full on right now and demands 100% attention (or he’ll get into mischief) so I feel like I’m not interacting with him enough and not available enough at work. It’s not a good feeling.

Here he is crawling up the stairs calling out ‘Mum, Mum’ while I’m working (the office is at the top of the stairs). Quite a cute little distraction.

So here is a little update on my 13 month old baby boy (ha ha, I bet you’d thought I’d stop boring you after 12 months… 😂):

  • He loves giving cuddles right now and will launch himself at you and wrap his arms around you, nestle his head in and say ‘ahhhhhhhhh’. It is literally the best feeling in the world.
  • He’s taking some steps now, but not walking independently quite yet. He takes one or two steps without holding on and stands without holding on so I guess he’ll be walking soon.
  • His favourite word is ‘hooray’ and he says it all the time.
  • He eats about a punnet of strawberries a day. Just obsessed. Lucky they are so cheap right now.
  • He’s getting his first molars and it’s brutal. Poor little guy.
  • We are down to 1 bottle a day, right before bed and it’s mostly cows milk (with a little bit of formula mixed in).
  • His favourite song is ‘bananas in pyjamas’. He just likes the song, not the tv show. Also, still won’t actually eat bananas.
  • Loves his swimming lessons and his swim instructor.
  • Obsessed with remote controls.
  • Sleep has been a nightmare the last couple of weeks and then I moved him onto one day sleep (instead of two) and he’s slept 14 hours straight without even stirring the past few nights. Was that the problem the last few months when I resisted moving him to one day sleep?