Week 38: 7 July

Since week 36 I have been on weekly obstetrician appointments. This week my ob did an ultrasound of my tummy, she normally only measures fundal height with a tape measure, so it was cool to see bubs and he/she actually looked pretty cute looking right back at us sucking away.

Everything is ticking along well with my pregnancy, but much to my frustration, there is just no way to predict when bubs will arrive. I’m at the point now where I question every ache and pain as a sign of labour, but it always fizzles out to nothing. I don’t exactly want bubs to arrive early (in fact the later the better because I need all the time I can get to organise the house and nursery), but I am just on high alert all the time now. It really could happen at any time I guess. Please don’t let my waters break while I am in Coles! I don’t even look pregnant, so I’ll just look like I have wet myself in the supermarket.

Here is a photo I took of myself yesterday. You can see when I wear my normal leggings and jumpers that I don’t look pregnant at all, it’s only if I wear a tight dress that I look pregnant. My obstetrician said it’s probably to do with the body lift I had and how it affects the shape of my tummy and the way I hold baby, which all makes sense.


Weight: I didn’t weigh myself this week because I have been in the midst of moving house and had crap everywhere. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it anyway. I am not looking forward to seeing the numbers, between the take away food we are living off while moving house, the growing baby and the swelling… numbers won’t be pleasant.

How far along: 38 god damn weeks. Good lord, I guess I am going to have a baby soon.

How big is baby: As long as a leek. It definitely feels bigger than that!

Sleep: Really not too bad lately, insomnia has worn off a little, probably due to being so bloody exhausted. The bump doesn’t bother me too much when I sleep, but I have trouble changing position or getting up to go to the toilet because my back hurts so much.

Symptoms: Would it be easier to list what I don’t have? I don’t want to go on and on, so I’ll just say the big ones.

My bloody back is still in a world of pain. I guess because baby isn’t poking out the front too much, it’s all in my back and it is aching all of the time. I can’t do anything to get comfortable. It’s enough to make me want to cry some days. I would just kill to have a bath right now.

I also have a lot of cramping (Braxton Hicks?) which I guess is my body preparing for labour. I tend to get it worse at the end of the day and it’s noticeably much worse on the days when I have really overdone it with lifting boxes, unpacking and cleaning. The last few days I have tried to slow down a bit, lucky most of the house is pretty much unpacked now.

The other thing that kicked off this week is swollen feet and ankles. I have had slight swelling in my hands and feet for the past couple of months, but nothing you could really notice. Well now my feet are twice their size and not at all comfortable. I know the photo below doesn’t look that bad, but I used to have very skinny feet and ankles (my only skinny part!). For some reason it hurts all the way up my shins too. Walking used to relieve the swelling a bit, but nothing really helps anymore.


Best moment of this week: Where to start? There have been so many great moments this week!

  • We got to move into our house on Friday at exactly 38 weeks pregnant! There is still lots to do, but at least we are in and pretty much set up.
  • We got our car fixed (but we still have to pay the excess because the guy who hit us has done a disappearing act) and I was able to get the car seat fitted. Someone from a child safety company came out to the house and did it for me. Unfortunately baby is sitting behind my passenger seat and is really going to affect my leg room. Bloody baby ruining my life!


  • Our cot was delivered and when I text AJ at work to tell him he was so excited he wanted to leave work early and set it up. I persuaded him to wait until that evening, I didn’t think bubs was going to arrive before then! That night AJ put it together and I supervised from the rocking chair. AJ gave me a piece to hold so it looked like I was helping, but really I was so sore and tired I could barely move. So now our little nursery is almost set up, we still have some last minute things to buy this weekend, so I’ll have photos next week.
  • I was able to wash all bubs clothes and linen and put them away in the nursery. I had been looking forward to doing this to make it seem more real. I’m sure it’ll be the last time I ever look forward to doing washing though, the novelty wore off pretty quick. I have to admit that I am not even sure what some of the clothes I have been given do or how to put them on a baby. I had to text my sister in law a few photos asking for a please explain!


Miss anything: Well not missing yet, but getting a bit anxious about missing my old life. I have had frequent moments wondering what the hell have I done? I had a really nice life and now everything is going to change. I am going to miss having AJ to myself, long sleep ins on the weekends, having money to splurge on the good life (restaurants, winery trips, overseas holidays, plays and musicals, new homewares, books and movies). I like my life as it is now and I don’t want to be broke, tired all the time and covered in baby vomit. I guess the good will outweigh the bad right?

Movement: Yes, still keeping me amused with frequent movement and kicking. AJ came to bed late last night and told me this morning that bubs was going crazy while I was asleep and he was cuddled into my tummy.

Food cravings: Not really, but now that I think about it, that McChicken I had last week was good. I could eat another one…

Anything making you queasy or sick: Only when I realise that I haven’t eaten for ages because I have been busy unpacking or racing around the shops and then feel like I need to eat right now or I am going to be sick. Dramatic much?

Gender: I can’t wait to find out! I still don’t have names ready, so this is going to be interesting!

How’s your mood: Pretty good because I am so grateful to be in the house and have everything almost set up. It is just so bloody lovely to be in a home again after being homeless for almost 6 months. You appreciate the little things like being able to do washing and ironing, make a cup of tea in your kitchen and get into your own bed at night. There have still been lots of little set backs and frustrations with everything that comes with setting up a brand new house, but my mantra is that the only thing that matters is that we are in the house, everything else will be OK.ย 

Looking forward to: More time pottering around the house and getting prepared for baby over the next week or so. I am basically trying to fit 9 months worth of nesting into 2 weeks!

The Bump: First bump picture in the new house. Yay! AJ took the photo and before he showed me he said “just remember that you’re 38 weeks pregnant” knowing that I would feel bad by how shitful I am looking right now. LOL.


Lessons from Mum


My baby will never get to meet my mum, but there is still so much I want them to learn from her. We were complete opposites and so I feel like it’s such a loss for my baby that they won’t have her unique guidance in their life.

Where she was strong, I am weak. Where she was brave, I am scared. Where she was wild, I am meek. All I can do is keep my mum’s memory alive for my little baby and hope that I can impart all the wisdom and life lessons that she would have.

Here is what I know my mum would have taught her grandchild:

The importance of learning
My mum was kicked out of just about every Catholic school in Melbourne by the time she was 15 and then pregnant at 16. It’s fair to say she had a wild side! Because of her lack of education, she was adamant that us kids would have a good education. Me and my brothers were all lucky in that we did well academically at school (PE was a very different story though…). Back then we didn’t have labels for kids who struggled in school and misbehaved and most teachers just pegged them as bad or stupid kids. My mum had a great affinity with these kids and spent countless hours at the school helping them with their reading and writing. She refused to give up on any kid and never made them feel stupid because they couldn’t read. Even when they acted out, she didn’t get upset with them or judge them, her only focus was making sure that they had every opportunity to learn and that they knew they were worth the effort.

How to have a good time
Compared to my mum, I am a total stick in the mud. She was impulsive, silly and maybe a little crazy (OK, pretty crazy). She didn’t plan things, she was late for everything, she was too loud and often times a complete embarrassment to me. She just didn’t see the point in following the rules of life (as long as it didn’t hurt anyone).ย She loved nothing more than laughing hysterically until she fell into a coughing fit or wet her pants.ย When she started laughing, you would start laughing too because her laugh was just hilariously infectious… and because you knew she was going to wet her pants!

Don’t let people push you around
She didn’t put up with people pushing her around and she certainly wouldn’t tolerate it if anyone did it to her kids. I was an incredibly shy kid who was pretty much scared of my own shadow. If she ever thought I was being mistreated or missing out on anything, she would march over and sort the situation out. Many a teacher, doctor, shop assistant, extended family member or school parent would cop her wrath if they thought they could get away with pushing me around. Even when I was well into my 20’s (OK, maybe even my 30’s) she would hear about something that had upset me and try to work out how she could sort it out for me. It might make her sound overbearing, but she just hated to see people who couldn’t stand up for themselves get pushed around.

If it was important to me, it was important to her
My mum always made sure I knew that my feelings were important. Maybe it was because she really wasn’t that much older than me, she remember what it was like to be ignored or not heard because you were just a kid. Our family didn’t have much when we were growing up, but if I really wanted something, even if it was frivolous like an ice cream cake for my birthday or 90210 pjs or a fluro ski headband (WTF was I thinking?), she would move heaven and earth to make sure I didn’t miss out. Often to my poor dad’s frustration who then had to find the money for these treats! I wrote more about it here at my old blog all the way back in 2008. She would stay up late sewing clothes so I had something to wear to the school disco and wouldn’t be teased. She paid attention when I said I didn’t want to go to sports day and be humiliated. She would drop me off in town to hang out and spy on my crush, even though we had no money for petrol. In hindsight I can see that none of these things really matter, but they mattered to me at the time, so she made sure it was important to her too.

Being different is OK
She was different to the other mum’s in our very small country town and she was judged quite harshly by a lot of people. She swore, she smoked, she didn’t go to church, she wore pyjamas all day, she laughed too loud, she made dirty jokes, she dyed her hair crazy colours and she wore big jewellery. That might not sound crazy, but back then in our little country town it was outlandish behaviour. She didn’t change who she was though because other people didn’t like it. Not even slightly. If people didn’t like her the way she was, then she simply didn’t want to be around them. It was their problem, not hers.

Being a mum is an important job
She loved being a mum, it was all she ever wanted to do (and be a grandparent). She thought kids were important and raising them was a privilege. She never acted like she needed more or that being our mum was a let down. Even when I would snottily make it clear that I was going to be a career woman, she didn’t mind my attitude and just said she would gladly look after my kids so I could go and have a career. She saw value in her role in the world and wouldn’t let anyone take that away from her.

Maybe that last lesson is more for me than my baby. As I am about to become a mum, I want my kid to know how much I will treasure that role, even if I am not perfect, I will be doing my best. Just like my mum.

Me and mum

Week 37: 30 June

I decided to make AJ a little present for being such a good support, working so hard and putting up with my moodiness while I have been pregnant. So I got him some ‘new dad’ supplies for the hospital and after baby arrives.


– Sleepwear: new pjs and slippers for the hospital, the midwives made it clear they don’t want to see any naked men in your room!
– Penfolds Father Port: we bought the Grandfather Port for my dad when my niece was being born, so I bought the Father one for AJ
– Books: a book to read to the baby and a silly dad joke book (because he already loves to tell terrible jokes)
– Puzzle: a little game to keep him occupied at the hospital
– All his favourite choccies: to keep us both going during labour (you can see he loves white chocolate and Snickers)

It is so hard shopping for men!

I had also wanted to get him a cute onesie for the baby with something like “I love dad” but everything I found was a bit tacky or over-priced. Maybe I’ll find something like that for father’s day in September instead.

I haven’t given it to him yet, maybe on the first night in our new home. ๐Ÿ™‚

Weight: Holy shit! I gained almost 2.5 kilos this week. I have definitely been indulging my sweet tooth a little more than usual, but not that much. I can only think that it must be from fluid as my feet and legs are all puffy.
This week:
92.8 kilos (204.1 lbs)
2.3 kilos (5 lbs)
Total pregnancy gain:
12.8 kilos (28.1 lbs)

How far along: 37 weeks, which means I am officially at full term (babies between 37-42 weeks are considered full term). Baby better stay in there for another few weeks, I have a house to unpack!

How big is baby: About as long as a stalk of rainbow chard, Seriously, WTF is that?

Sleep: It’s hit and miss, some nights are OK and others are a struggle. No big deal because I can sleep in late or have an afternoon nap if I am exhausted. I better enjoy that luxury while I can!

Symptoms: Oh my aching back. It hurts all the time and I just can’t get comfortable. I sit, then I stand, then I lay down, then I change sides and I still can’t find a way to be comfortable. Nothing helps.

Best moment of this week:ย Getting all of our stuff moved into our new townhouse. WOO HOO! We were able to have our movers deliver everything on Monday, but we still can’t get the keys until the occupancy certificate comes through from the council, which is hopefully Friday 7th July (I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant). The builder let me in on Tuesday and I spent the day unpacking the kitchen. It was so exciting, but so ridiculously exhausting too. I can see now why everyone told me that I shouldn’t do it on my own. You just forget how hard it is to do normal tasks when you are 37.5 weeks pregnant. By Tuesday night I was in a world of pain. Lucky I couldn’t get on site Wednesday so I was able to have an enforced break.

Here is a little sneak peak of the new place. More photos to come when I get a bit better set up!


Miss anything: Having clothes that fit properly. It has been so ridiculously cold this week and none of my clothes fit me, so I am always under dressed and freezing. People say that being pregnant in summer is hard, but at least in summer you can wear a stretchy little dress and sandals. In winter I am trying to squeeze myself into stockings, boots, dresses and jackets and it is not comfortable at all.

I have tried to buy maternity pants, but every pair I have bought just fall off me. I think my bump isn’t big enough to hold them on, so they end up dagging around my knees. I had one pair that worked as long as I had a belt, but I have grown out of the belt now, so they don’t work. I bought maternity tights and they roll down too, but my regular tights are too small. The only thing that is comfortable is my big old nightie. Maybe I should just stay in bed.

Movement: Yes, baby is still doing gymnastics and likes to really kick into my right ribcage. Cheeky monkey.

Food cravings: I really felt like a McChicken meal this week and I had one Tuesday night and it totally hit the spot. I almost went back and got another one, but then I remembered the 2.3 kilos I had gained and decided against it…

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just healthy food. I never want to see another bowl of brown rice, broccoli and tuna as long as I live.

Gender: Ummm I still don’t know. I thought we had names sorted out either way, but I am freaking out that I am not really settled on our name choices. I really can’t think of any boys names, all the names I like are a little too popular and I wanted something a bit more unique. I know people say that you can wait until you meet your baby and it makes it easier, but I don’t want to make a decision when I am tired and emotional… anything could happen. Eeeek, I’m really starting to think this baby will be nameless for a while.

AJ and I were brainstorming names on Sunday afternoon and decided to make a baby out of a rice bubbles box and test out names on it. Well strangely enough, it actually worked, a few names that were on the shortlist felt really dumb when we said them out loud to the rice bubbles box. I’d say “here AJ, can you hold XXXXXXX while I put the kettle on” and some names just did not work for us at all.


How’s your mood: The usual ups and downs. I’m excited about the house, but sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back when things keep going wrong. It sends me into panic mode, and when I get anxious, I get snappy. Plus, I get a little grumpy when it feels like my whole body is hurting and I haven’t had enough sleep. Poor AJ, no wonder I have to buy him presents to put up with me.

Looking forward to: A spa day with my BFF from high school on Saturday. I haven’t had a single massage this whole pregnancy and I just can’t wait. I really need it this week. The baby better not come before I have had my massage or I will be very upset!

The Bump: Here is it! Hopefully next week I’ll be taking my bump picture from my new house!

I had an exciting moment this week when, for the first time ever, a stranger made a comment about me being pregnant. I was in the elevator at my hotel on Saturday night and wearing my most pregnant looking dress and the other person in there said “I was going to ask if you had a big night out planned, but then I saw… (points to my stomach)”.

I could have cried with happiness. Someone finally realised I was pregnant. The last few weeks in particular I have had to tell a lot of people (hairdresser, eyebrow waxer, house movers, builders, staff at the hotel, uber driver etc.) and they are always so surprised, especially when they ask how far along I am and hear that I am almost full term. It is getting beyond embarrassing.

I know a lot of people have the opposite problem with strangers always making intrusive comments and asking questions, but I haven’t had anyone do that to me at all. When I do tell people I am pregnant, it’s always really nice when they ask lots of questions, it makes it all fell more exciting and real.

I had lunch with a friend today who has had similar weight issues as me and she said it was exactly the same for her when she was pregnant with her daughter and that it feels like she missed out on the pregnancy experience. It was nice to hear someone acknowledge and understand how I feel because I feel like I am the only one. I know there are way more important things to worry about, like a healthy bub, but it has sucked a bit.


Week 36: 23 June

At the start of this week I was telling everyone that asked that baby felt really comfortable in my tummy and I wasn’t expecting anything to happen until after my due date. Then on Sunday evening I went for a little walk and when I got back I had terrible back ache and cramps and just felt awful. I woke up with a headache Monday and still felt pretty crappy.

Then I had a podiatrist appointment that morning and while I was there I suddenly felt really sick. I started sweating and thought I was going to vomit and pass out at the same time. Where I see the podiatrist is also a doctor’s surgery, so there was a nurse and doctor available to check me out. It was just a blood pressure drop, which is not unusual for a pregnant lady. I had a rest, some water and jelly beans and felt much better.ย So all was fine, but it did really hit home to me that things are changing with my body and a baby is on the way. I know it shouldn’t take me 36 weeks to realise this, but I have obviously been a little in denial.

I told AJ what happened, because he gets upset with me when I hide any health incidents from him, so he surprised me by meeting me at the hospital (where I just happened to have an obstetrician appointment next) and then we got an Uber back to the hotel and it was nice to have him home to wait on me while I put my feet up. And I think he mostly just liked using me as an excuse for an afternoon off work. So it was a win/win.

Weight: It’s still going up!
This week: 90.5 kilos (199 lbs)
Up: 300 grams (0.6 lb)
Total pregnancy gain: 10.5 kilos (23 lbs)

How far along: 36 weeks… 4 weeks to go. I always thought 36 weeks sounded crazy pregnant, I can’t believe I am here now.

How big is baby: Apparently it’s the size of a large cos lettuce. Approximately 2.7 kilos and 45 cm. My app tells me that the baby is still gaining about 28 grams a day, so the longer I can keep it cooking, the better.

Sleep: It’s not great to be honest. I’ve had increased lower back ache and pelvic cramps. It helps a little when I put a pillow between my legs, but the nights feel quite long at the moment. At least I am on maternity leave, so I can rest up during the day, so the lack of sleep is not really bothering me.

Symptoms: Mostly just back ache and cramps, which always seem to be worse after going for a walk or doing too much. For most of my pregnancy, nice gentle walks have really helped my swelling, back aches and cramps (especially after a long day at work) but now it suddenly seems to have the opposite effect and cause me pain and discomfort.

Best moment of this week: Just lazing about in bed with AJ on Saturday morning, drinking tea and eating crumpets and watching 90’s music on Rage. I’m guessing we have limited lazy Saturday mornings ahead for a little while.

I alsoย got myself organised and bought myself some nice pyjamas, slippers and a dressing gown for the hospital (and basically to live in over the next 6 months). I don’t normally splurge on sleepwear, but Peter Alexander had a very good sale on, so I treated myself.


Miss anything: Being able to see past my belly. I stupidly tried to do some grooming of my downstairs areas this week, which ended in a bloodbath. Lesson learned, do not put a blade on sensitive areas that you cannot see!

Belly view!

Movement: So much kicking under my ribs on the right. Plus the usual punches, hiccups, twists and turns. AJ can’t believe how much this baby dances about all of the time!

Food cravings: I’m all about the crackers and the crumpets.ย Chocolate never hurts too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anything making you queasy or sick: The thought of healthy food is just turning my stomach a bit. I just have to stick with pretty bland carbs and I feel much better.

Gender: We still don’t know!

I have said all along that I would like to have a girl. I think this is because I really want that female bond. Since losing my mum I really feel the loss of a close female relationship. I don’t have any sisters and we all know that men can be useless with maintaining relationships (or maybe that is just my dad and brothers). I love female bonding and have always been a ‘girl’s girl’.

At the same time, I will be really happy for AJ if it is a boy because he is in the same boat as me. He was really close with his dad, who he lost 10 years ago, and he doesn’t have brothers and really misses that father/son relationship.

Honestly though, we will both be really happy if it’s a boy or girl. Sometimes I look at AJ and picture having a mini him and my heart almost bursts with happiness at how awesome that would be.

How’s your mood: Last week I was almost having a nervous breakdown about the house and the car, it was so bad that I pulled all my eyelashes out. Now I’m feeling much better because myย BIG news is that we might be able to move our stuff into our new house on the 3rd July. We won’t actually be able to move in because the occupancy certificate won’t be issued yet, but we can start unpacking, then hopefully move in a week later. Please keep everything crossed for me that this works out!!!

Looking forward to: Seeing AJ become a dad. He is going to be such an amazing father. This is him with his niece (and a stuffed toy) learning how to use a baby carrier. He loves every minute of it already. Lucky for me, I will be able to half-arse this parenting thing with him around to pick up the slack.


The Bump: I wore by most “pregnant lady” dress for this photo and it makes the bump look massive. It’s mostly just the style of the dress, it’s one of my only maternity dresses and really highlights the bump. I wore it because I was going to go to the police station to try and sort the issue with our car and the person who hit it going AWOL. I was hoping if I looked more pregnant I would illicit more sympathy. ๐Ÿ™‚

This week I have started to look like all kinds of shit. I feel puffy and washed out and like I look just awful. Maybe it would help if I washed my hair and put on some make up… but let’s not get carried away…

36 Weeks

Week 35: 16 June

We had our hospital tour this week so it was really cool to see the delivery suite and the post-birth hospital rooms.ย It didn’t freak me out too much to think about what would be happening the next time I am there, but I am pretty good at blocking these things out. I’ll worry about it when I get there. Plus, that’s what drugs are for!

AJ was taking all the notes about buying maternity pads and breast pads, so I’m glad someone is across the nitty gritty. I decided my job would be to get us both nice new pjs and slippers for our time in the hospital. That is much more my style than thinking about leaking bodily fluids.

Weight: I’m back up slightly again this week by almost half a kilo. I was looking at my weight tracker and noticed that in the past 10 weeks (weeks 25-35) I have only gained 2.4 kilos. I gained the majority of my weight at the start of the pregnancy when I had bad nausea and had to eat carbs constantly to stop from being sick. Since I have been able to eat healthier my weight has evened out a bit. Bubs is growing well, so that is the main thing!

This week: 90.2 kilos (198.4 lbs)
Up: 400 grams (.9 lb)
Total pregnancy gain: 10.2 kilos (22.4 lbs)

How far along: 35 weeks! A lot of women on my pregnancy forum who are also due in July have started having their babies now. Wow!

How big is baby: The size of a honeydew melon and apparently weighing 2.4 kilos and measuring 45 cm. Here is AJ was trying to measure how a 45 cm baby was fitting in my tummy.


Sleep: I have finally reached that stage of pregnancy where I just cannot get comfortable no matter how I lay in bed. My lower back aches, my hips ache and trying to roll over causes sharp pains that can make me gasp. I also still have insomnia, leg cramps and the need to pee every 2 hours, so basically sleeping is no fun right now.

AJ bought me one of those pregnancy sleep pillows when I first got pregnant (he saw it in the shop and got a bit excited) but I haven’t needed it so far and it was too big for the hotel room so we left it at his sister’s. I really need to go around there and get it this weekend if we have time.

Symptoms: The usual aches and pains of baby growing, finding it hard to catch my breath, heartburn, dizziness, cramps, fatigue, swollen legs/feet/hands, back ache, bladder weakness, constipation, haemorrhoids (sorry for TMI)…

Nothing serious or out of the ordinary, but every time I flinch, get a stitch or catch my breath AJ asks if we should call the hospital. He is worried that something potentially serious will happen and I won’t say anything because I hate to be a bother, so I guess he feels a bit powerless.

Even though pregnancy is tough, I am glad I get to experience this personally. I would hate to be in AJ’s shoes and have to watch from arms length and worry. I am too much of a control freak for that!

Best moment of this week: I have been making the most of my maternity leave and shopping, going to the movies, lunches with friends, afternoon naps, reading in bed and taking walks in the park. It’s lovely and I feel very lucky to have this time to myself to enjoy.

Also, my sister in law sent me this photo of my niece Penelope in the cute panda onesie I bought her. She is such a sweetheart. I can’t wait for her to play with her new cousin!


Miss anything: I miss AJ when he is at work all day. It’s going to be even harder when I have bubs and want to share all the special moments with him and he’s missing out because he’s at work. Sorry for being sappy.

I met him for lunch yesterday at his work food court, hopefully I can bring bubs in a lot to spend time with him during the work week… and I found a brow bar downstairs from his work so I’m thinking he can babysit while I get my brows in order. Just need to find a good nail place around his work now.


Movement: Bubs is still wriggling around and keeping me entertained in the evening as he/she spins and kicks and punches. The kicking in the ribs is getting less fun, but I guess bubs can’t help it, poor thing doesn’t have much room.

Food cravings: Not particularly, just finding myself quite thirsty because I’m probably not drinking enough water now that I am not at work. When I am at work I easily drink 2-3 litres of water a day, but I just don’t do it at home. I need to be better at this! We just bought a fridge for the new house with an ice and water dispenser (yay, dream come true!) so I think that will help.

I did manage to inhale this box of donuts though… that’s one thing I don’t have an issue getting down (in my defence, AJ went halves with me).


Anything making you queasy or sick: My nausea has been back the last week or two. It isn’t bad like it was in the first trimester, just slight nausea and lack of appetite. The only thing I really want to eat are these crackers from Woolworths, but I am trying to force down nutritious foods too. These crackers are amazing though, I highly recommend.


Gender: I don’t know and I have no idea how so many people ‘just know’ they are having a boy or girl. I have absolutely no feeling either way. I must not be very intuitive! AJ did say this week that he’s felt all along it would be a girl, but I think he feels that way because secretly he kind of wants a boy, so he’s just managing his own expectations.

How’s your mood: Being on maternity leave is great (seriously, no complaints!) but it gives me more time to worry… I’m freaking out about not getting into our house before the baby comes and getting myself in a tizz about all the little things I haven’t been able to do to prepare for bubs like set up the nursery, order a cot, wash bubs clothes and sheets, even packing my hospital bag because it is in storage. I would have really enjoyed the process of getting everything ready for bubs and I’m disappointed it’ll be a mad rush at the end when I am about to pop.

I’m getting quite worried about money now too and starting to regret putting in for 12 months maternity leave instead of 6 months. The HR girl at work really pushed me into 12 months and kind of bamboozled me a little bit because they didn’t want me to put in for 6 months and then possibly extend to 12 months (which I am entitled to do) because it’s a pain for them and also hard to find experienced staff willing to take on a 6 month role. I should have stood my ground. It’s unlikely that I would be able to find childcare for bubs that soon, but it would be nice to have the option.

On top of this, we are having issues with our car because some guy in a massive SUV with a tow bar backed into our lovely brand new car and smashed in the side of it. Now he is MIA and we can’t get it fixed. The damage is the side where we would be putting bubs car seat, so I don’t want to have the car seat fitted until the damage is fixed, plus it seems a bit sad having a baby car seat in a car that’s all smashed up. Now it looks like we’ll have to pay for it through our own insurance (and of course we have a massive excess) and it’ll likely be right when I’m about to pop or straight after bubs is born… the perfect time to be without a car…

Arghhh, why can’t things just go right? Sorry for the rant. I just need to stop and breathe and remember to be grateful for the good health of the baby.

Looking forward to: My only focus is getting into our house and getting everything set up for bubs.

And getting my new fridge, I really am excited about that ice dispenser!!!

The Bump: Here it is, 35 weeks or 8 months pregnant exactly yesterday when I took this photo. Most people still don’t know I am pregnant and I’m constantly having to tell people and they are quite shocked when they hear how far along I am. I can see that it’s hard to tell, I look more like a tank than a basketball shape. When I was much more overweight I carried all of my weight on my middle, so it’s like my body has reverted back to this shape, rather than the nice round pregnant shape you come to expect. I can’t say that it doesn’t make me feel self conscious, but I have sooked enough for one day, so I’ll leave it there. ๐Ÿ™‚

35 weeks

Week 34: 9 June

It was a long weekend here, which doesn’t mean much to me now that I am on maternity leave, but I wanted to steal AJ away from his second job for the day and go on a nice pre-baby day trip. Beechworth is one of my favourite places to visit and we had a lovely day together exploring and eating way too much. The long car ride gave us plenty of time to contemplate the changes coming our way in approximately 6 weeks and argue over baby names of course!

Weight: Well my weight dropped just a little this week and I am back under 90 kilos. I’ve noticed my weight is mostly fluctuating depending on fluid retention, so this seems pretty normally. When I weighed myself I said to AJ that the good news is that we can buy those barstools I wanted for the new house now, as they had a weight limit of 90 kilos and I was frustrated that I was currently too heavy for them. I am sure I’ll be back over the weight threshold next week, so I won’t rush out and buy them (plus 90 kilos is an insanely low weight threshold for a chair!!!).

This week: 89.8 kilos (197.5 lbs)
Down: 400 grams (.9 lbs)
Total pregnancy gain: 9.8 kilos (21.5 lbs)

How far along: 34 weeks… that sounds seriously pregnant.

How big is baby: According to my app, bubs is the size of a rockmelon this week and measuring approximately 45 cm from head to toe and weighing approximately 2.2 kilos.

Sleep: It’s been OK, I am enjoying some nice sleep ins now I am on maternity leave, which is handy when insomnia strikes throughout the night.

Symptoms: I have been feeling noticeably a bit hotter the past week or so. It’s winter here, so the main thing I actually notice is that I am not freezing all the time and will actually kick the blankets off in bed. This is very unlike me as I usually really feel the cold.

Best moment of this week: We had the 34 week ultrasound this week to check that bubs was growing well and all on track. I spent the whole time trying not to see if bubs was a boy or girl… while at the same time, trying to sneak a look. The sonographer knew we wanted a surprise, so she didn’t linger around the genitals area, so we didn’t see anything.

According to the measurements the sonographer took, bubs weighs 2.4 kilos, which puts him/her in the 40th percentile, so just slightly below average. I think the average baby weighs about 3.5 kilos, so bubs needs to pack on another kilo in the next 5-6 weeks. If the baby takes after me, they’ll have no trouble fattening themselves up! I did notice on the report we got that the one area bubs is measuring really big is the head… oh great… that’s just what I need… ouch.

This is a photo of bubs (big) head, not the best image, but it’s all we got to take away.

FullSizeRender (11)

Miss anything: We went out for dinner to one of our favourite Richmond pubs with my dad and step mum on a frosty cold night and sat by the fireplace… a bottle of red would have gone down very nicely!

Movement: Still moving around lots, mostly when I relax in bed at the end of the night and when I laze about in bed in the morning. Soon enough bubs will be running out of room and quiet down a little bit I think, but obviously I don’t mind, I love all the kicks and wiggles.

Food cravings: I’m sticking with my crumpets and mandarins, they are hitting the spot.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Only when I leave it too long between meals, I have quite an appetite right now!

Gender: ???? We are pretty sure we have names picked out for a boy and girl now, so whatever will be, will be…

How’s your mood: Mostly OK, except when AJ dares to wear mismatched socks… he really should have known better than to antagonise me like that, what was he thinking?! Hopefully he has learnt his lesson now. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Looking forward to: Setting up my nursery when I get in my new house. I have been spending way too many hours on Pinterest and Etsy getting inspiration this week. The nursery space in the new house is very small, it’s actually a study nook, and only 1.5 x 3.5 metres (sorry bubs). So I am trying to be restrained in my choices, but I did buy thisย rocking chair over the weekend as Adairs had a really good sale.

Rocking chair

The Bump: If I wear the right outfit and hold my hand in the right place, like I have done in this picture, you can see the bump. Most people still don’t realise I am pregnant though and I don’t blame them, my massive boobs can overshadow the bump, especially when I wear loose clothes.



Week 33: 2 June

Weight: Well my goal for pregnancy was to gain no more than 10 kilos and now I have reached that and I am only at week 33. Shit. Not much I can do about it (except eat less scotch finger biscuits). I just have to let bubs keep growing. The only reason that was my goal was because that was what my weight charts told me I should stick to, but those things are just guide I suppose.

This week: 90.2 kilos (198.4 lbs)
Up: 600 grams (1.3 lbs)
Total pregnancy gain: 10.2 kilos (22.4 lbs)

How far along: 33 weeks down, 7 to go.

How big is baby: Baby is as big as a pineapple and weighs approximately 2 kilos (so what the hell are these other 8 kilos I have gained???).

Sleep: It’s been the normal amount of waking up to go to the toilet many times during the night. The most frustrating part is that when I get up, I barely actually need to go to the bathroom, it’s just bubs pushing down on my bladder.

Symptoms:ย I am really feeling pregnant this week. Every thing leaves me breathless and I am finding it difficult to get comfortable in any position. Some days it just feels like everything hurts and I want to cry. So I am starting to see why so many women are just dying to get their babies out of them in the final weeks of pregnancy. I am still not in quite that much discomfort that I am wishing bubs out early, but I definitely understand that concept better now.

Best moment of this week: Being on maternity leave. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been lovely sleeping in a little and enjoying a cup of tea and my porridge at home (well, my hotel) on these cold winter mornings. I must say I have found myself a little at a loss of what to do with myself some days. I am not normally someone who gets bored, I can quite easily amuse myself at home pottering about, but there is only so much you can do with yourself when you don’t have a house. I have been doing a bit of shopping and I went to the movies in the middle of the day on Tuesday. Mostly I amuse myself on Pinterest or scoping out nursery and house ideas. So it’s been a nice week, but I feel so guilty every morning when AJ heads off to work and I am just a lady of leisure… and spending money that I probably shouldn’t be spending…

Miss anything: Probably just missing the ability to think clearly. I am not sure that I believe in baby brain, but I know that I am really struggling to think straight. It’s probably just from exhaustion, lack of sleep and being run down, but I just don’t trust myself anymore. The other day I left my hair straightener on after I went to work. I have never done this in my entire life!!! I have to consciously think about everything I do to make sure I am not doing something stupid. Did I accidentally throw my wallet in the bin? Did I turn the washing machine on? Did I just make a cup of tea? I really feel like I have lost my marbles.

Movement: Oh my god, has there been movement or what?! On Wednesday night bubs was going totally crazy to the point I started to get worried something could be wrong. It felt like bubs was going to move my internal organs. AJ couldn’t believe the pressure he could feel through my tummy from the baby kicking and doing somersaults. It continued through the night and AJ could feel it against his back as I snuggled in for warmth.

Food cravings: I’m still just feeling like crumpets and other bland foods. I have also been loving mandarins over the past month, they do give me a bit of heartburn, but it’s worth it.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just the thought of eating vegetables, lean meats and other healthy foods. I just want bland carbs. I am trying to force down nutritious food every day because I know that me and bubs need it, but it’s getting harder and harder.

Gender: Who knows??? My team at work did a quick sweep and it was split down the middle with who thinks it’s a boy or girl. Though I think most of the girls guessed girl because they know I want a girl and were trying to be nice.


My work also got me the cute cupcakes below with pink and blue baby feet. I told everyone around the office to take a pink or a blue depending on which gender they thought bubs would be… and if they took a blue one they were dead to me… ๐Ÿ™‚


How’s your mood: Pretty good this week, just my normal amount of snappiness… mostly directed at AJ ha ha! I must say that one thing I am getting sick and tired of hearing from people is how hard I am going to find being a mum. People just love to tell you horror stories of how hard it will be. I get it. Being a mum, especially to a new baby, is going to be really bloody hard!!! If I say to anyone that I am looking forward to it, they just give you this look like “oh you poor thing, you don’t understand yet”. I am sure it will be hard in ways that I can’t even comprehend right now, but I am getting a bit tired of negativity. I find it so much nicer when people share with you the amazing parts of being a parent, it’s always really special when someone opens up and tells you about the joys of parenthood.

Looking forward to: Just getting into our house. It’s all I can think about. I feel like I can’t get ready for bubs until we are in our new house, unpacked and have somewhere to put all the stuff bubs will need. I heard today that it looks like we’ll be in at the end of the month, which gives me 3 weeks before my due date to get ready. Just thinking about it makes me very anxious.

The Bump: Whoa, sorry for the close up, that’s a bit scary (especially without make up). AJ was doing everything he could to try and get a photo that showed the bump and this was the best he could get.

As this was my last week at work, I had to say goodbye to a lot of people and pretty much everyone was shocked to find out I was pregnant. By the end of the week I started to dread every interaction and having to go through the whole “yes, I’m definitely pregnant and yeah I haven’t really popped yet…”. Thank god that is over.

My last afternoon happened to be our monthly work drinks and the CEO brought me up in front of everyone to say goodbye and so I did everything I could to push my belly out and look as pregnant as possible ha ha!