Baby is Here!

Sorry to leave you hanging…

Just over a week ago on Sunday 23rd July I gave birth to my precious little boy. He was born at 8.02 pm, weighing 3.13 kilos and measuring 50 cm.

It took us a while to give him a name, but we have decided on August Gilmore Juergens. Which was the boys name we had chosen all along, but we had last minute doubts in our fog of tiredness (and hormones!). The name August is after my mum’s birth month and Gilmore is the name of AJ’s dad’s family farm. We really wanted to honour both our parents who had passed away, but in a unique way that was special to us.

It is safe to say that AJ and I are completely in love with the little guy. But oh my god, it’s been such a whirlwind. An amazing, tiring, crazy whirlwind!

I’ll be back with all the nitty gritty details when the little guy gives me a break!


15 thoughts on “Baby is Here!

  1. OMGosh!! He is just gorgeous and mummy is looking great. His name fits perfectly and such a tribute to your parents. Congrats lil fam!!


  2. Congratulations from Florida! I’m so happy that your son has arrived healthy and you are well. Best wishes for your new family!


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