Due Date!

Well today is my official due date and baby hasn’t shown up yet. I never really expected bubs to arrive by the due date. He/she has always felt pretty comfy in there and like they weren’t going to have an early exit. Here is the little reminder that popped up on my phone this morning, in case I forgot…


On the baby forum I have been frequenting (and I quote to AJ a hundred times a day as though I know all of these people) all of the women have been so desperate to have their babies and been trying to do anything to bring on labour from about 38 weeks. I have been pretty much the opposite and trying to keep bubs cooking as long as possible while I get myself ready. Despite the pain and discomfort of pregnancy, I figure bubs is much easier to look after in my tummy, than out.

I saw my obstetrician on Wednesday and she said that she doesn’t let her patients go over their due date by more than 10 days as it can increase the risk of stillbirth. So I guess I am having a baby before the end of this month. I think if I was desperate to get bubs out, I could pretty much request it any time now, but I am happy to just relax and see how things go for another week. I’m in no hurry!

My brother, sister in law and niece are arriving from Sydney tonight to stay for the weekend. I think they were hoping to be meeting bubs, but I am pretty sure there will be no new arrival for them. My sister in law, Connie, and my niece are staying in town all week and next weekend too because Connie has a work conference here in Melbourne. My dad and step mum are coming down from the country to look after my niece while Connie is at work, so if baby arrives next week, most of my family will conveniently be in town to visit. My brother plans to fly down again next weekend if bubs doesn’t make an appearance for his visit this weekend. Talk about extra pressure though. I was hoping to fly under the radar and not have people swarming me. I just know I am going to be getting a million and one questions from them this week. They are very excited!

This is me this morning at exactly 40 weeks pregnant. Not exactly your typical baby bump. I can see why no one ever offers me a seat on the tram!

So I think I am finally as ready as I will ever be now (which isn’t ready at all) so I guess bubs can arrive any time now. Bring it on…


6 thoughts on “Due Date!

  1. Time to issue an eviction notice I think! I predict you’ll have bubs next Wednesday without induction. A boy. 3.7kg. Born 11.45am.

    I’m so excited for you! Hope all goes well over the next few days, despite the influx of visitors.



  2. I’m feeling the love!!! Hopefully Bubs does too & will want to come out & meet everyone!!! I’ve been checking here 3 times each day for updates!! Despite that I’m going to predict Sunday 30th July while I’m out running the city!!! I will be wishing you a fast & safe birth, a baby girl I think 9.30am & I have no idea of weight so will go 6 pounds because that doesn’t sound too huge! X


  3. Ohhhh I havent been reading for a little while due to work changes and way too much stress.. but catching up has made me smile… So excited for you both.. Your lives will never be the same they will be better!! Cant wait to meet your bump here!


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