Week 39: 14 July

There have been so many birth announcements on my online baby forum for July babies over the past couple of weeks. It’s quite surreal to read about all these babies being born and all the different birth experiences that women have had. It hasn’t been too scary so far. Most importantly, it’s been a good reminder of how newborn babies actually look… let’s face it, most newborns are not the most attractive little things. It’s good to set my expectations before I meet my own red, puffy, squishy little creature!

AJ edited my head onto Beyonce’s birth announcement and I sent it to my family in a photo sharing thing we have and my dad and step mum seriously thought I was telling them that I was having twins. I don’t think they even know who Beyonce is… LOL.


Weight:Β I almost didn’t weigh myself because I knew it would be very bad, but I also knew that I’d appreciate the record in years to come when I look back and try to remember my pregnancy. I didn’t weigh myself last week due to moving house, so this is actually the gain for the past 2 weeks.

This week: 95.3 kilos (209.6 lbs)
2.5 kilos (5.5 lbs)Β 
Total pregnancy gain:
15.3 kilos (33.6 lbs)

Wowser, I had done so well my entire pregnancy and in the last few weeks my weight has just exploded. I know some of it is due to fluid retention (I can feel it everywhere) but some of it is also all those takeaways and chocolate I have been eating while moving house. Whoops.

One thing I have to say is that no one at the hospital, or my fertility clinic prior to pregnancy, has once mentioned my weight to me as an issue. I have not been weighed once throughout this pregnancy. I was all prepared to be given the third degree about my weight and healthy eating, but never once has it been mentioned.

When AJ’s sister was pregnant her weight was closely monitored and she was even told if she gained much more then she would have to go to another hospital with stronger beds. I think she was probably around 100 kilos (maybe a little more), which is not unusual these days. She went through the public system and maybe that is the difference? Anyway, it’s been a relief not to have to worry about being lectured about my weight as I am still super sensitive about it.

How far along: 39 weeks. This could be my last pregnancy update… (don’t get too excited, next I’ll be boring you with baby stories ha ha). I don’t feel like baby will arrive before my due date though, it seems pretty happy where it is.

How big is baby: Apparently as heavy as a mini watermelon. That makes sense. I can feel that!

Sleep: Insomnia is back this week, but I think it’s mostly about some pre-baby anxiety I have been having this week. Plus it is almost impossible to find a comfortable position right now. It doesn’t bother me too much because I don’t have to be at work and I can laze about in bed and the couch if I want.

Symptoms: I’m still struggling with pretty bad back pain and sharp pains in my sides. My dad said my mum had the same issue when she was pregnant, so I guess it’s a body shape thing. It was kind of cool to hear that mum and I had something in common in our pregnancies. The only way I can be comfortable is by laying on my side, which makes it hard to get much done around the house.

One thing I have noticed throughout pregnancy is that my freckles and pigmentation have become worse. It doesn’t bother me at all, in fact it might be a good excuse for some post-pregnancy skin treatments. The light in my new house is a little too good though and I am discovering lots of new wrinkles, hairs and spots… eeek!

Best moment of this week: I’ve pretty much put together the nursery now thank god! The space I have is so small that I have tried every possible way to arrange the furniture and nothing 100% works, but I’ve got it as good as I can. I just have to finish the last minute decorating, which is the fun bit!

My favourite part of the nursery is a special surprise I arranged for AJ. I asked a very talented designer friend to make me prints of some song lyrics that were special for my mum and AJ’s dad and were played at their respective funerals. We just love them so, so, so much and it makes me feel comforted to have them in bubs nursery. Now I just have to find the perfect spot to hang them, I have been agonising over this and totally overthinking it of course!

In case you’re wondering, they say:
My mum: All your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise
AJ’s dad: And I think to myself what a wonderful world



I also have this cupboard which is to the left of the photo above. I am keeping it pretty empty so I can fill it with photos, toys and books for baby as I get them.


As you can see above, I also finally packed my hospital bags… well as much as I can anyway. It’s hard to pack a lot of things that you are still using like phone chargers, my kindle and toiletries. Plus I only have so many pairs of undies and maternity bras so I can’t pack them all while I am still need to wear them. Does anyone have any suggestions on hospital bag must haves? I basically have pjs and chocolate! πŸ™‚

Miss anything: No I think I am pretty content now that I am set up in my house. Nothing to complain about!

Movement: Some people say that movement slows down near the end, but so far I haven’t found that to be the case. Bubs is still kicking and punching all over the place, but particularly under my right ribs.

Food cravings: I am so, so, so enjoying having a kitchen again and doing a bit of cooking and filling my cupboards and fridge with food again. It feels like such a novelty to have a kitchen that I am buying a few treats that I probably shouldn’t… but who cares now. It’s lovely to sit down in the evening in front of the TV with a cup of tea and a biscuit (or a pack of biscuits).

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, I think nausea is all fine as long as I keep up a steady stream of carbs.

Gender: I keep picturing myself with a little girl, but I don’t actually have a feeling either way. I’m still struggling with boys names… I really hope I will just know what bubs should be called when they are born, but I suspect it isn’t that easy. I had lunch with the girls from work yesterday and we were talking about baby names. They suggested I look at the cafes at the hospital and use that as inspiration. So straight after I met with them I had an obstetrician appointment and there were two cafes at the hospital: Sargon and Isabella… not the worst options!

How’s your mood: Oh god. This last week the anxiety about having a baby is really increasing. I am not scared about the labour, more about the fact that I am having a baby. I have had some lovely reassurances from mothers that I know that tell me how wonderful it will be. I guess I just need to trust that I have made the right decision and remember the reasons I wanted to have a baby. Plus, it’s a bit too late to change my mind now…

Looking forward to: More time on the couch with my feet up catching up on reality TV before bubs arrives. I should stop subjecting my unborn baby to the Real Housewives of Sydney, it’s probably child abuse.

The Bump:Β Here it is, probably not your typical 39 week bump. I’m totally blown away by the bumps on the other women in my obstetrician’s office. I feel very inadequate in comparison!



4 thoughts on “Week 39: 14 July

  1. The nursery looks gorgeous!! Tips for the hospital bag:
    – antibacterial pump bottle for guests to use
    – body lotion for you because if you have an epidural one side effect is VERY itchy skin for 48 hours. This helps a tiny bit.
    – I was super hot after birth and they wouldn’t let me shower obviously so I found Evian face mist spray a god send. I was spraying it everywhere and it was beautiful. It’s very hot here which was a factor but some hospitals have high heating so it could be a factor for you too.
    – I love tea so I brought my own tea bags. Very happy about that!
    – Our clinic requires us to bring our own baby sheets. I’ve gone through so many due to them changing them every day and a few bonus wee fountain issues. I’ve decided you can’t have too many sheets or muslins.
    – I packed a couple of swaddles just in case and my guy loves to be swaddled so that turned out to be a genius move as it has extended his nap times from 20 mins (yes it made me so exhausted) to 2-3 hours. I love swaddling!!!!
    FYI I love my toiletries and things and have barely used any of them. Hahahaha!
    Clothing wise go for comfort over style. With a c section scar waist bands are out and nighties / dresses are in. I know you don’t know your situ yet but good to contingency plan. Hope that helps.


  2. Well just as well you weren’t visit me at work…my cafe’s are either Ovesta or Zouki πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Enjoy the last few days of just being you and AJ πŸ™‚

    If you want a nightshirt…Big W….$10. Comfy and loose!


  3. Hyper pigmentation is super common in pregnancy… and sometimes can take years to fade out again. ALL my daughters got it, and had to put up with it for years. You look fine … nothing glaring to worry about. Your bump is adorable, I bet it is ALL BABY and you will have virtually a flat tummy within weeks of giving birth! If you don’t post again till after baby is born (in case baby comes on time!)… GOOD LUCK. Enjoy every moment, even the uncomfortable bits… it doesn’t last and you get an amazing little human at the end of it.


  4. Love the Beyonce/you pic!!! Don’t stress about the weight – you’ll be flat out soon looking after your lil creature! Love Love Love the framed lyrics, such a beautiful thing to do. The nursery looks very calm & light & I hope bubs will be very happy in it! And yes, your bump is adorable!! XO


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