Week 38: 7 July

Since week 36 I have been on weekly obstetrician appointments. This week my ob did an ultrasound of my tummy, she normally only measures fundal height with a tape measure, so it was cool to see bubs and he/she actually looked pretty cute looking right back at us sucking away.

Everything is ticking along well with my pregnancy, but much to my frustration, there is just no way to predict when bubs will arrive. I’m at the point now where I question every ache and pain as a sign of labour, but it always fizzles out to nothing. I don’t exactly want bubs to arrive early (in fact the later the better because I need all the time I can get to organise the house and nursery), but I am just on high alert all the time now. It really could happen at any time I guess. Please don’t let my waters break while I am in Coles! I don’t even look pregnant, so I’ll just look like I have wet myself in the supermarket.

Here is a photo I took of myself yesterday. You can see when I wear my normal leggings and jumpers that I don’t look pregnant at all, it’s only if I wear a tight dress that I look pregnant. My obstetrician said it’s probably to do with the body lift I had and how it affects the shape of my tummy and the way I hold baby, which all makes sense.


Weight: I didn’t weigh myself this week because I have been in the midst of moving house and had crap everywhere. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it anyway. I am not looking forward to seeing the numbers, between the take away food we are living off while moving house, the growing baby and the swelling… numbers won’t be pleasant.

How far along: 38 god damn weeks. Good lord, I guess I am going to have a baby soon.

How big is baby: As long as a leek. It definitely feels bigger than that!

Sleep: Really not too bad lately, insomnia has worn off a little, probably due to being so bloody exhausted. The bump doesn’t bother me too much when I sleep, but I have trouble changing position or getting up to go to the toilet because my back hurts so much.

Symptoms: Would it be easier to list what I don’t have? I don’t want to go on and on, so I’ll just say the big ones.

My bloody back is still in a world of pain. I guess because baby isn’t poking out the front too much, it’s all in my back and it is aching all of the time. I can’t do anything to get comfortable. It’s enough to make me want to cry some days. I would just kill to have a bath right now.

I also have a lot of cramping (Braxton Hicks?) which I guess is my body preparing for labour. I tend to get it worse at the end of the day and it’s noticeably much worse on the days when I have really overdone it with lifting boxes, unpacking and cleaning. The last few days I have tried to slow down a bit, lucky most of the house is pretty much unpacked now.

The other thing that kicked off this week is swollen feet and ankles. I have had slight swelling in my hands and feet for the past couple of months, but nothing you could really notice. Well now my feet are twice their size and not at all comfortable. I know the photo below doesn’t look that bad, but I used to have very skinny feet and ankles (my only skinny part!). For some reason it hurts all the way up my shins too. Walking used to relieve the swelling a bit, but nothing really helps anymore.


Best moment of this week: Where to start? There have been so many great moments this week!

  • We got to move into our house on Friday at exactly 38 weeks pregnant! There is still lots to do, but at least we are in and pretty much set up.
  • We got our car fixed (but we still have to pay the excess because the guy who hit us has done a disappearing act) and I was able to get the car seat fitted. Someone from a child safety company came out to the house and did it for me. Unfortunately baby is sitting behind my passenger seat and is really going to affect my leg room. Bloody baby ruining my life!


  • Our cot was delivered and when I text AJ at work to tell him he was so excited he wanted to leave work early and set it up. I persuaded him to wait until that evening, I didn’t think bubs was going to arrive before then! That night AJ put it together and I supervised from the rocking chair. AJ gave me a piece to hold so it looked like I was helping, but really I was so sore and tired I could barely move. So now our little nursery is almost set up, we still have some last minute things to buy this weekend, so I’ll have photos next week.
  • I was able to wash all bubs clothes and linen and put them away in the nursery. I had been looking forward to doing this to make it seem more real. I’m sure it’ll be the last time I ever look forward to doing washing though, the novelty wore off pretty quick. I have to admit that I am not even sure what some of the clothes I have been given do or how to put them on a baby. I had to text my sister in law a few photos asking for a please explain!


Miss anything: Well not missing yet, but getting a bit anxious about missing my old life. I have had frequent moments wondering what the hell have I done? I had a really nice life and now everything is going to change. I am going to miss having AJ to myself, long sleep ins on the weekends, having money to splurge on the good life (restaurants, winery trips, overseas holidays, plays and musicals, new homewares, books and movies). I like my life as it is now and I don’t want to be broke, tired all the time and covered in baby vomit. I guess the good will outweigh the bad right?

Movement: Yes, still keeping me amused with frequent movement and kicking. AJ came to bed late last night and told me this morning that bubs was going crazy while I was asleep and he was cuddled into my tummy.

Food cravings: Not really, but now that I think about it, that McChicken I had last week was good. I could eat another one…

Anything making you queasy or sick: Only when I realise that I haven’t eaten for ages because I have been busy unpacking or racing around the shops and then feel like I need to eat right now or I am going to be sick. Dramatic much?

Gender: I can’t wait to find out! I still don’t have names ready, so this is going to be interesting!

How’s your mood: Pretty good because I am so grateful to be in the house and have everything almost set up. It is just so bloody lovely to be in a home again after being homeless for almost 6 months. You appreciate the little things like being able to do washing and ironing, make a cup of tea in your kitchen and get into your own bed at night. There have still been lots of little set backs and frustrations with everything that comes with setting up a brand new house, but my mantra is that the only thing that matters is that we are in the house, everything else will be OK. 

Looking forward to: More time pottering around the house and getting prepared for baby over the next week or so. I am basically trying to fit 9 months worth of nesting into 2 weeks!

The Bump: First bump picture in the new house. Yay! AJ took the photo and before he showed me he said “just remember that you’re 38 weeks pregnant” knowing that I would feel bad by how shitful I am looking right now. LOL.



5 thoughts on “Week 38: 7 July

  1. So happy you are in the house (it looks great) and nesting away while you can before bubs arrives! AJ is pretty keen putting together the cot, just shows how excited he is. I think I would feel the same wondering how life will change…I’d miss travel so much (you can still travel but it would be different with with kids of course). Hope you get all the little bits and pieces done so you feel ‘ready’ for baby.


  2. Congrats on finally getting into the house. Baby will probably arrive soon as you are now mentally better prepared – I hope your bag is packed!! I also get BH like you do although they don’t seem to be progressing to anything more so I think that’s just what they do at this stage of things. They are definitely worse if I’m too physically active, too hot (not a problem for you right now), dehydrated and tired. I think that’s why they are at their worst in the evening when I am sometimes suffering from more than one of the above!


  3. Once bubba comes along, you will forget about your “Miss Anything” list for a while, but doesn’t mean you can’t stop doing anything, it’ll just take a little getting used with having bubs with you.

    Anywho, I’m sure you’ll have sitters lined up and on call so you can enjoy some time on your own every once in a while.

    I know you still have a lot to do with moving in etc but try and take it easy these last two weeks xo


  4. I laughed out loud at not knowing what some of the stuff you have is for & how to install it on said bubs!!! I would be exactly the same LOL.

    I am so happy for you that you are in your home now!!! It looks fabulous. I really don’t know how you’ve managed the past 6 months! I recon bubs will be a minor inconvenience in comparison.

    Love AJ’s excitement (cot) – you do know that a supervisory role in these things is very very important!!!

    Enjoy your nesting & try to put you feet up a bit lovely!!! After all, as AJ said you are 38 weeks preggers!!!!!

    Cant wait til Bubs arrives!!!!


  5. I keep checking back to see if Bubs has arrived!!! I guess she/he won’t be sharing my grandpa Blue’s birthday after all – he would have been 100 yesterday!!


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