Week 37: 30 June

I decided to make AJ a little present for being such a good support, working so hard and putting up with my moodiness while I have been pregnant. So I got him some ‘new dad’ supplies for the hospital and after baby arrives.


– Sleepwear: new pjs and slippers for the hospital, the midwives made it clear they don’t want to see any naked men in your room!
– Penfolds Father Port: we bought the Grandfather Port for my dad when my niece was being born, so I bought the Father one for AJ
– Books: a book to read to the baby and a silly dad joke book (because he already loves to tell terrible jokes)
– Puzzle: a little game to keep him occupied at the hospital
– All his favourite choccies: to keep us both going during labour (you can see he loves white chocolate and Snickers)

It is so hard shopping for men!

I had also wanted to get him a cute onesie for the baby with something like “I love dad” but everything I found was a bit tacky or over-priced. Maybe I’ll find something like that for father’s day in September instead.

I haven’t given it to him yet, maybe on the first night in our new home. πŸ™‚

Weight: Holy shit! I gained almost 2.5 kilos this week. I have definitely been indulging my sweet tooth a little more than usual, but not that much. I can only think that it must be from fluid as my feet and legs are all puffy.
This week:
92.8 kilos (204.1 lbs)
2.3 kilos (5 lbs)
Total pregnancy gain:
12.8 kilos (28.1 lbs)

How far along: 37 weeks, which means I am officially at full term (babies between 37-42 weeks are considered full term). Baby better stay in there for another few weeks, I have a house to unpack!

How big is baby: About as long as a stalk of rainbow chard, Seriously, WTF is that?

Sleep: It’s hit and miss, some nights are OK and others are a struggle. No big deal because I can sleep in late or have an afternoon nap if I am exhausted. I better enjoy that luxury while I can!

Symptoms: Oh my aching back. It hurts all the time and I just can’t get comfortable. I sit, then I stand, then I lay down, then I change sides and I still can’t find a way to be comfortable. Nothing helps.

Best moment of this week:Β Getting all of our stuff moved into our new townhouse. WOO HOO! We were able to have our movers deliver everything on Monday, but we still can’t get the keys until the occupancy certificate comes through from the council, which is hopefully Friday 7th July (I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant). The builder let me in on Tuesday and I spent the day unpacking the kitchen. It was so exciting, but so ridiculously exhausting too. I can see now why everyone told me that I shouldn’t do it on my own. You just forget how hard it is to do normal tasks when you are 37.5 weeks pregnant. By Tuesday night I was in a world of pain. Lucky I couldn’t get on site Wednesday so I was able to have an enforced break.

Here is a little sneak peak of the new place. More photos to come when I get a bit better set up!


Miss anything: Having clothes that fit properly. It has been so ridiculously cold this week and none of my clothes fit me, so I am always under dressed and freezing. People say that being pregnant in summer is hard, but at least in summer you can wear a stretchy little dress and sandals. In winter I am trying to squeeze myself into stockings, boots, dresses and jackets and it is not comfortable at all.

I have tried to buy maternity pants, but every pair I have bought just fall off me. I think my bump isn’t big enough to hold them on, so they end up dagging around my knees. I had one pair that worked as long as I had a belt, but I have grown out of the belt now, so they don’t work. I bought maternity tights and they roll down too, but my regular tights are too small. The only thing that is comfortable is my big old nightie. Maybe I should just stay in bed.

Movement: Yes, baby is still doing gymnastics and likes to really kick into my right ribcage. Cheeky monkey.

Food cravings: I really felt like a McChicken meal this week and I had one Tuesday night and it totally hit the spot. I almost went back and got another one, but then I remembered the 2.3 kilos I had gained and decided against it…

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just healthy food. I never want to see another bowl of brown rice, broccoli and tuna as long as I live.

Gender: Ummm I still don’t know. I thought we had names sorted out either way, but I am freaking out that I am not really settled on our name choices. I really can’t think of any boys names, all the names I like are a little too popular and I wanted something a bit more unique. I know people say that you can wait until you meet your baby and it makes it easier, but I don’t want to make a decision when I am tired and emotional… anything could happen. Eeeek, I’m really starting to think this baby will be nameless for a while.

AJ and I were brainstorming names on Sunday afternoon and decided to make a baby out of a rice bubbles box and test out names on it. Well strangely enough, it actually worked, a few names that were on the shortlist felt really dumb when we said them out loud to the rice bubbles box. I’d say “here AJ, can you hold XXXXXXX while I put the kettle on” and some names just did not work for us at all.


How’s your mood: The usual ups and downs. I’m excited about the house, but sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back when things keep going wrong. It sends me into panic mode, and when I get anxious, I get snappy. Plus, I get a little grumpy when it feels like my whole body is hurting and I haven’t had enough sleep. Poor AJ, no wonder I have to buy him presents to put up with me.

Looking forward to: A spa day with my BFF from high school on Saturday. I haven’t had a single massage this whole pregnancy and I just can’t wait. I really need it this week. The baby better not come before I have had my massage or I will be very upset!

The Bump: Here is it! Hopefully next week I’ll be taking my bump picture from my new house!

I had an exciting moment this week when, for the first time ever, a stranger made a comment about me being pregnant. I was in the elevator at my hotel on Saturday night and wearing my most pregnant looking dress and the other person in there said “I was going to ask if you had a big night out planned, but then I saw… (points to my stomach)”.

I could have cried with happiness. Someone finally realised I was pregnant. The last few weeks in particular I have had to tell a lot of people (hairdresser, eyebrow waxer, house movers, builders, staff at the hotel, uber driver etc.) and they are always so surprised, especially when they ask how far along I am and hear that I am almost full term. It is getting beyond embarrassing.

I know a lot of people have the opposite problem with strangers always making intrusive comments and asking questions, but I haven’t had anyone do that to me at all. When I do tell people I am pregnant, it’s always really nice when they ask lots of questions, it makes it all fell more exciting and real.

I had lunch with a friend today who has had similar weight issues as me and she said it was exactly the same for her when she was pregnant with her daughter and that it feels like she missed out on the pregnancy experience. It was nice to hear someone acknowledge and understand how I feel because I feel like I am the only one. I know there are way more important things to worry about, like a healthy bub, but it has sucked a bit.



5 thoughts on “Week 37: 30 June

  1. We had that Guess How Much I Love You book when the kids were little, it was a favourite. So pleased for you that it looks like you will definitely be in your house in time :-). As well as saying the prospective names, have you written them down with middle and surnames and checked the initials don’t end up awful?


  2. So happy you are just about in your house!!!!! Super exciting!!! Love the pressies πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Burst out laughing at your rice bubble box bubba! Classic!!! But if it helps…………. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Your kitchen looks fabulous!! Hope your massage is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. What a lovely idea for AJ, and how exciting that you are almost in your own home. Names.. so much easier to have the name before baby arrives, cos once they arrive nothing seems to ‘suit’ them…UNLESS YOU HAVE A BABY LIKE GRIFFIN. iF we hadn’t found Griffin’s name before he was born, one look at him and we’d have named him Amigo Chen… cos he looked like a mexican with asian shaped eyes! lol


  4. We were a bit like that with boys names…one of my sons didn’t’t get named for a day as none of the names we chose sounded right….

    BTW love your big spacious kitchen…hope you get someone to help you unpack everything….and that you yourself get a little time to “nest” before baby arrives…


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