Week 35: 16 June

We had our hospital tour this week so it was really cool to see the delivery suite and the post-birth hospital rooms.Β It didn’t freak me out too much to think about what would be happening the next time I am there, but I am pretty good at blocking these things out. I’ll worry about it when I get there. Plus, that’s what drugs are for!

AJ was taking all the notes about buying maternity pads and breast pads, so I’m glad someone is across the nitty gritty. I decided my job would be to get us both nice new pjs and slippers for our time in the hospital. That is much more my style than thinking about leaking bodily fluids.

Weight: I’m back up slightly again this week by almost half a kilo. I was looking at my weight tracker and noticed that in the past 10 weeks (weeks 25-35) I have only gained 2.4 kilos. I gained the majority of my weight at the start of the pregnancy when I had bad nausea and had to eat carbs constantly to stop from being sick. Since I have been able to eat healthier my weight has evened out a bit. Bubs is growing well, so that is the main thing!

This week: 90.2 kilos (198.4 lbs)
Up: 400 grams (.9 lb)
Total pregnancy gain: 10.2 kilos (22.4 lbs)

How far along: 35 weeks! A lot of women on my pregnancy forum who are also due in July have started having their babies now. Wow!

How big is baby: The size of a honeydew melon and apparently weighing 2.4 kilos and measuring 45 cm. Here is AJ was trying to measure how a 45 cm baby was fitting in my tummy.


Sleep: I have finally reached that stage of pregnancy where I just cannot get comfortable no matter how I lay in bed. My lower back aches, my hips ache and trying to roll over causes sharp pains that can make me gasp. I also still have insomnia, leg cramps and the need to pee every 2 hours, so basically sleeping is no fun right now.

AJ bought me one of those pregnancy sleep pillows when I first got pregnant (he saw it in the shop and got a bit excited) but I haven’t needed it so far and it was too big for the hotel room so we left it at his sister’s. I really need to go around there and get it this weekend if we have time.

Symptoms: The usual aches and pains of baby growing, finding it hard to catch my breath, heartburn, dizziness, cramps, fatigue, swollen legs/feet/hands, back ache, bladder weakness, constipation, haemorrhoids (sorry for TMI)…

Nothing serious or out of the ordinary, but every time I flinch, get a stitch or catch my breath AJ asks if we should call the hospital. He is worried that something potentially serious will happen and I won’t say anything because I hate to be a bother, so I guess he feels a bit powerless.

Even though pregnancy is tough, I am glad I get to experience this personally. I would hate to be in AJ’s shoes and have to watch from arms length and worry. I am too much of a control freak for that!

Best moment of this week: I have been making the most of my maternity leave and shopping, going to the movies, lunches with friends, afternoon naps, reading in bed and taking walks in the park. It’s lovely and I feel very lucky to have this time to myself to enjoy.

Also, my sister in law sent me this photo of my niece Penelope in the cute panda onesie I bought her. She is such a sweetheart. I can’t wait for her to play with her new cousin!


Miss anything: I miss AJ when he is at work all day. It’s going to be even harder when I have bubs and want to share all the special moments with him and he’s missing out because he’s at work. Sorry for being sappy.

I met him for lunch yesterday at his work food court, hopefully I can bring bubs in a lot to spend time with him during the work week… and I found a brow bar downstairs from his work so I’m thinking he can babysit while I get my brows in order. Just need to find a good nail place around his work now.


Movement: Bubs is still wriggling around and keeping me entertained in the evening as he/she spins and kicks and punches. The kicking in the ribs is getting less fun, but I guess bubs can’t help it, poor thing doesn’t have much room.

Food cravings: Not particularly, just finding myself quite thirsty because I’m probably not drinking enough water now that I am not at work. When I am at work I easily drink 2-3 litres of water a day, but I just don’t do it at home. I need to be better at this! We just bought a fridge for the new house with an ice and water dispenser (yay, dream come true!) so I think that will help.

I did manage to inhale this box of donuts though… that’s one thing I don’t have an issue getting down (in my defence, AJ went halves with me).


Anything making you queasy or sick: My nausea has been back the last week or two. It isn’t bad like it was in the first trimester, just slight nausea and lack of appetite. The only thing I really want to eat are these crackers from Woolworths, but I am trying to force down nutritious foods too. These crackers are amazing though, I highly recommend.


Gender: I don’t know and I have no idea how so many people ‘just know’ they are having a boy or girl. I have absolutely no feeling either way. I must not be very intuitive! AJ did say this week that he’s felt all along it would be a girl, but I think he feels that way because secretly he kind of wants a boy, so he’s just managing his own expectations.

How’s your mood: Being on maternity leave is great (seriously, no complaints!) but it gives me more time to worry… I’m freaking out about not getting into our house before the baby comes and getting myself in a tizz about all the little things I haven’t been able to do to prepare for bubs like set up the nursery, order a cot, wash bubs clothes and sheets, even packing my hospital bag because it is in storage. I would have really enjoyed the process of getting everything ready for bubs and I’m disappointed it’ll be a mad rush at the end when I am about to pop.

I’m getting quite worried about money now too and starting to regret putting in for 12 months maternity leave instead of 6 months. The HR girl at work really pushed me into 12 months and kind of bamboozled me a little bit because they didn’t want me to put in for 6 months and then possibly extend to 12 months (which I am entitled to do) because it’s a pain for them and also hard to find experienced staff willing to take on a 6 month role. I should have stood my ground. It’s unlikely that I would be able to find childcare for bubs that soon, but it would be nice to have the option.

On top of this, we are having issues with our car because some guy in a massive SUV with a tow bar backed into our lovely brand new car and smashed in the side of it. Now he is MIA and we can’t get it fixed. The damage is the side where we would be putting bubs car seat, so I don’t want to have the car seat fitted until the damage is fixed, plus it seems a bit sad having a baby car seat in a car that’s all smashed up. Now it looks like we’ll have to pay for it through our own insurance (and of course we have a massive excess) and it’ll likely be right when I’m about to pop or straight after bubs is born… the perfect time to be without a car…

Arghhh, why can’t things just go right? Sorry for the rant. I just need to stop and breathe and remember to be grateful for the good health of the baby.

Looking forward to: My only focus is getting into our house and getting everything set up for bubs.

And getting my new fridge, I really am excited about that ice dispenser!!!

The Bump: Here it is, 35 weeks or 8 months pregnant exactly yesterday when I took this photo. Most people still don’t know I am pregnant and I’m constantly having to tell people and they are quite shocked when they hear how far along I am. I can see that it’s hard to tell, I look more like a tank than a basketball shape. When I was much more overweight I carried all of my weight on my middle, so it’s like my body has reverted back to this shape, rather than the nice round pregnant shape you come to expect. I can’t say that it doesn’t make me feel self conscious, but I have sooked enough for one day, so I’ll leave it there. πŸ™‚

35 weeks


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