Week 34: 9 June

It was a long weekend here, which doesn’t mean much to me now that I am on maternity leave, but I wanted to steal AJ away from his second job for the day and go on a nice pre-baby day trip. Beechworth is one of my favourite places to visit and we had a lovely day together exploring and eating way too much. The long car ride gave us plenty of time to contemplate the changes coming our way in approximately 6 weeks and argue over baby names of course!

Weight: Well my weight dropped just a little this week and I am back under 90 kilos. I’ve noticed my weight is mostly fluctuating depending on fluid retention, so this seems pretty normally. When I weighed myself I said to AJ that the good news is that we can buy those barstools I wanted for the new house now, as they had a weight limit of 90 kilos and I was frustrated that I was currently too heavy for them. I am sure I’ll be back over the weight threshold next week, so I won’t rush out and buy them (plus 90 kilos is an insanely low weight threshold for a chair!!!).

This week: 89.8 kilos (197.5 lbs)
Down: 400 grams (.9 lbs)
Total pregnancy gain: 9.8 kilos (21.5 lbs)

How far along: 34 weeks… that sounds seriously pregnant.

How big is baby: According to my app, bubs is the size of a rockmelon this week and measuring approximately 45 cm from head to toe and weighing approximately 2.2 kilos.

Sleep: It’s been OK, I am enjoying some nice sleep ins now I am on maternity leave, which is handy when insomnia strikes throughout the night.

Symptoms: I have been feeling noticeably a bit hotter the past week or so. It’s winter here, so the main thing I actually notice is that I am not freezing all the time and will actually kick the blankets off in bed. This is very unlike me as I usually really feel the cold.

Best moment of this week: We had the 34 week ultrasound this week to check that bubs was growing well and all on track. I spent the whole time trying not to see if bubs was a boy or girl… while at the same time, trying to sneak a look. The sonographer knew we wanted a surprise, so she didn’t linger around the genitals area, so we didn’t see anything.

According to the measurements the sonographer took, bubs weighs 2.4 kilos, which puts him/her in the 40th percentile, so just slightly below average. I think the average baby weighs about 3.5 kilos, so bubs needs to pack on another kilo in the next 5-6 weeks. If the baby takes after me, they’ll have no trouble fattening themselves up! I did notice on the report we got that the one area bubs is measuring really big is the head… oh great… that’s just what I need… ouch.

This is a photo of bubs (big) head, not the best image, but it’s all we got to take away.

FullSizeRender (11)

Miss anything: We went out for dinner to one of our favourite Richmond pubs with my dad and step mum on a frosty cold night and sat by the fireplace… a bottle of red would have gone down very nicely!

Movement: Still moving around lots, mostly when I relax in bed at the end of the night and when I laze about in bed in the morning. Soon enough bubs will be running out of room and quiet down a little bit I think, but obviously I don’t mind, I love all the kicks and wiggles.

Food cravings: I’m sticking with my crumpets and mandarins, they are hitting the spot.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Only when I leave it too long between meals, I have quite an appetite right now!

Gender: ???? We are pretty sure we have names picked out for a boy and girl now, so whatever will be, will be…

How’s your mood: Mostly OK, except when AJ dares to wear mismatched socks… he really should have known better than to antagonise me like that, what was he thinking?! Hopefully he has learnt his lesson now. πŸ™‚Β 

Looking forward to: Setting up my nursery when I get in my new house. I have been spending way too many hours on Pinterest and Etsy getting inspiration this week. The nursery space in the new house is very small, it’s actually a study nook, and only 1.5 x 3.5 metres (sorry bubs). So I am trying to be restrained in my choices, but I did buy thisΒ rocking chair over the weekend as Adairs had a really good sale.

Rocking chair

The Bump: If I wear the right outfit and hold my hand in the right place, like I have done in this picture, you can see the bump. Most people still don’t realise I am pregnant though and I don’t blame them, my massive boobs can overshadow the bump, especially when I wear loose clothes.




2 thoughts on “Week 34: 9 June

  1. Great pictures!!! Beechworth is beautiful!! Yikes Plumbing Boy cant sit on your stool!!! That is ridiculous!!!! I could quite happily live on crumpets & mandarins, providing there was lots of butter & beautiful honey to smother them with πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I cant believe how quickly your pregnancy has gone by – it’s almost time!!!!!! xoxox

    PS Chair looks fab!!!!


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