Week 30: 12 May

Weight: I was slightly down in weight this week, which didn’t surprise me too much because I felt really puffy last week when I weighed in so I had a feeling I was retaining a bit of water.

This week: 88.6 kilos (194.9 lbs)
Down: 200 grams (0.44 lbs)
Total pregnancy gain: 8.6 kilos (18.9 lbs)

How far along: 30 weeks, so I am 3/4 of the way through. Woo hoo! Being into the “30’s” seems like a bit of a big deal. I’m really getting there!

How big is baby:Β About the size of a cabbage and measuring about 40 cm from head to toe. Wow that is quite big. No wonder it’s getting hard to get out of bed or bend over.

Sleep: I’m still struggling with insomnia and its getting harder to cope with as the weeks go on. I’m just so tired and I’d love a day off work or an afternoon nap. It’s not long until I go on maternity leave now, so I just need to hang in there.

Symptoms: Pregnancy aches and pains are probably increasing a bit: heart burn, pelvic cramps, feeling breathless when I walk or talk too much, back ache, bladder pressure, tiredness. All the usual things you hear about. Nothing to worry about, just normal pregnancy stuff.

I also saw my obstetrician this week and she said my iron was low, so I am guessing that is where a lot of this exhaustion is stemming from. Earlier in my pregnancy my iron levels were really good. I had given myself a massive pat on the back for eating so well as I have always struggled with my iron levels since having the lap band. I’ve had fluid out of my band for a while now, which has made it easier to eat well, but during pregnancy I have been making a massive effort to make every meal a home run to ensure I get enough good things for me and bubs. Unfortunately this baby is just a little blood sucker and it’s sucked me dry, which is pretty common in pregnancy I believe. AJ has raced out and bought me iron tablets and beef stir fry strips and beef mince, so I am sure I will be back on track in no time.

Best moment of this week: Well, my maternity leave cover started at work this week so I can finally see an end in sight. There has been a lot of pressure on me at work at the moment, so I am feeling a bit relieved already that not everything is my responsibility and I am sure he’ll start to be a big help soon.

Miss anything: Well it was mother’s Day on Sunday. I miss my mum every day, but of course it stings a little more than usual on mother’s day. I guess next year it will be a little different for me as I will be a mum for the first time. I must admit that days like that don’t mean a whole heap to me, so I doubt I’ll be wanting a fuss to be made, but I won’t knock back tea and pancakes in bed. I’m not crazy!

This year on mother’s day AJ and I went to the footy so bubs could witness it’s first Richmond loss. I’m sure there will be plenty more to come! I may have a Richmond scarf on (it was cold) but I am still wearing my little cat earrings #gocats. πŸ™‚


Movement: Lots of movement at night this week. AJ has loved watching my tummy move as bubs wriggles around. He has started calling bubs punchy because of how many blows my tummy is taking from this kid.

Food cravings: Anything sweet!!! I’d say this week is the most I have really experienced food cravings in this pregnancy. I just want to eat lollies all of the time. I don’t even normally like lollies very much and would much prefer chocolate, but all I want to do is eat bags of them. I am trying to be careful with sugar, but I have indulged in some late night sweet treats this week… totally spurred on by AJ who is a terrible enabler and kept the cupboard stocked with bags of lollies. He literally just threw one at me as I am typing this LOL. Lucky I passed my gestational diabetes test!

Here I am getting stuck into a chocolate, peanut, malteaser and caramel apple that my friend bought me last week because I couldn’t have wine and cheese on our weekend away. As I said, sweet cravings have hit me hard this week!


Anything making you queasy or sick: The iron tablets I have to take. Yuck.

Gender: I still don’t know. I am getting stressed if it’s a boy because we cannot come up with any boy names we really like. I am totally stumped. Help!

How’s your mood: I am definitely a little more snappy and emotional than my non-pregnant self (which AJ bears the brunt of), but I think I am doing OK. I can tell my patience is a little tested when training my replacement at work. I am normally a very patient person and I am having to bite my tongue and just let him do things his own way and at his own pace. I’d feel terrible if I made him feel bad at all.

Looking forward to: Going on maternity leave and having a year away from emails and meetings.a

The Bump: As usual, getting a photo that shows any bump was difficult. I tried pulling my top up, but I don’t think I pulled it off ha ha. Surely bubs is going to run out of room soon enough and I’ll get a proper bump?

It has been so awkward at work this week because my maternity leave cover started, which meant I have been introducing him to everyone and of course everyone is shocked because they didn’t know I was pregnant. I am not one to talk about myself a lot at work, so I hadn’t really told many people unless it somehow came up in conversation and obviously they couldn’t tell I was pregnant. So I have had to graciously field all the comments about how you can’t tell I am pregnant. Fun!



12 thoughts on “Week 30: 12 May

  1. Hi Tully! You’re looking amazing :)…. I’m not sure what type of iron tablets you’re taking but just wanted to let you know that there is another type of iron supplement caller Maltofer that is usually much better tolerated (can take with food, less constipation, less nausea-inducing). It also has an excellent amount of elemental iron in it! I’m a midwife and this is what we recommend to women who made struggling iron supplement side effects, and additionally personally I can’t tolerate any iron supplements until I found this one.. πŸ™‚ x


  2. I they can’t tell your pregnant (judging by that last pic) you must work with a bunch of idiots!!! You can totally see a bump there. Honestly some people πŸ™„
    I have a whole list of boys names that I have had since I was 15, and I don’t even have a partner or a baby coming anytime soon haha. On my list are Zac, Corbin Sacha and Wolfie (Crazy I know!)
    You are looking amazing, and I just know you will make the best mama ❀


  3. I love reading your updates! You definitely look preg in that striped shirt picture, your co-workers are just being polite. Ha. From what you tell us, AJ sounds like a sweet guy and will be a great dad. I always feel sad on Mother’s Day too, and my mom has been gone 30 years. The grief does lessen, though.


  4. What they can’t see a bump…??
    You are looking great…really great.

    ohhh boys names….my favourites many many years ago when I had my last son was Keegan, Jason, Cooper, Kaleb and Lachlan.

    Mothers Day was painful here too xx


  5. I can see a cabbage sized bubba bump!!! Chocolate, peanut, malteaser & caramel apples??? I did not know they existed. Sounds devine & you look very happy with it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I always thought Lachlan (Lachie) for a boy & Matilda (Tilda) for a girl would be great names!

    Sorry mothers day is tough for you: hope next year eases your heart. X


      • Names are so hard! My cousin’s recent baby boys are Jaxon & Archie; Ty (Tyler in case he needs a grown up name in a board room later on), Joshua & Oliver; Declan & Caleb; Isaac, Malachi, Levi & Josiah; friends have Jack & Kaiden. Hope that gives you some inspiration!!! I’m secretly hoping she’s a girl πŸ™‚ Although healthy will more than OK!!!! X


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