Week 27: 21 April

Weight: So I actually lost a little bit of weight this week. There is no real reason that I can think of, I ate the same as usual, I guess it’s just normal ups and downs for pregnancy weight.
This week: 87.9 kgs (193.3 lbs)
Down: 200 grams (0.4 lbs)
Total pregnancy gain: 7.9 kgs (17.3 lbs)

How far along: 27 Weeks. I can’t believe I am in the third trimester. Holy shit. This is getting serious.

How big is baby: As heavy as a head of cauliflower and measuring 36.6 cm from head to toe.


Sleep: Occasionally bubs kicks so much that it distracts me from sleep, but my belly really isn’t getting in my way yet. Insomnia is still killing me. I just can’t wait until I finish up at work and can have an afternoon nap (before bubs arrives anyway).

Symptoms: This is normally where I complain about my heartburn or other symptoms, but this week I realised a pleasant side effect of pregnancy… I have barely had any headaches. I used to get frequent headaches, but I have only had a few minor headaches since being pregnant. Weird.

I was also greeted with this information on my pregnancy app this week. Sounds pleasant! I am really starting to feel the shortness of breath, not because I’m tired, it just feels like there is too much squished in my middle and it’s hard to get my breath sometimes.

FullSizeRender (9)

Best moment of this week: My brother and sister in law drove down from Sydney with my sweet niece Penelope for a little visit. My sister in law wanted to throw me a baby shower (NO WAY) so she compromised by buying me an awesome nappy bag and filled it with little gifts. The hilarious thing is, she bought me the exact nappy bag that I had been eyeing off from Mimco, but I thought it might be a bit of an unnecessary splurge. Yay, that was really exciting. There is nothing like a cute bag to get you excited for motherhood. Here is Penelope helping me open my gifts and chewing my hands off (she has her first teeth coming through).


And some more photos of the little cutie. She is such a sweet girl.

Miss anything: We went out for lunch in Torquay on the Anzac Day public holiday this week and I indulged in a delicious glass of wine. After one sip I declared that it tasted like my old life. Yum. I am looking forward to enjoying some more wine after bubs arrives. I am sure I’ll need it!


Movement: Some days bubs is a little quiet and others she/he goes nuts. I do consistently feel kicks and jabs every evening before bed and normally first thing in the morning too.

Food cravings: Red meat and sweets, which I think is more about feeling tired because I always crave those things when I’m worn out.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, all good.

Gender: AJ’s 4 year old niece, Billie, and I both decided this week that it will be a girl. 🙂

How’s your mood: Well, well, well, what to say? I wrote a bit about my increasing anxiety last week and nothing has changed. When I get anxious I tend to be a bit grumpy and snappy to be around. Poor AJ can’t do anything right… I’ve also been a bit down and missing my mum a lot this week. I knew that being pregnant without my mum around would be tough, but some weeks are just harder than others I guess.

Looking forward to: The 4 day work week! Getting through 5 days at work is getting harder and harder. Here is the baby daddy and I enjoying the public holiday with a cosy day at the beach.


The Bump: I can tell it’s growing, but I know that I still mostly just look a bit chunky. The silver lining is that when I have to meet with the bank for our house loan they won’t be able to tell that I am pregnant, because that would not be a good situation for us right now! They would not be happy to find out that we are soon to become a one income family with a baby to support… eeeek. This is why the house delay threw quite a spanner in the works. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and we still get a loan because I have no idea what we’ll do if we don’t!



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