Week 26: 14 April

This week: 88.1 kg (193.8 lbs)
Up: 300 grams (0.6 lbs)
Total gain: 8.1 kilos (17.8 lbs)

This is about average for what I should be gaining at this stage of my pregnancy, I’m happy with 300 grams this week, it’s healthy for my BMI from what I have read.

How far along: 26 weeks. Coming to the tail-end of my second trimester.

How big is baby: The size of a red cabbage. Yep, I am definitely feeling that!

Sleep: Oh the usual insomnia, it’s not crazy bad, just a bit of a pain. I just feel totally wiped out by about 2.00 pm every day due to lack of sleep.

Symptoms: The usual heart burn and reflux, but also back pain this week too. I have an old lower back injury which seems to be inflamed by my increasingย weight and my upper back is also suffering under the weight of my giant boobies too. Nothing too serious just yet.

Best moment of this week: My boss hired my maternity leave replacement, which means I have an end date for work. Yay!!! I am so excited. My maternity leave starts on June 16, but I had some annual leave, so I decided to put in for leave from June 2 so that I had some time to unpack my house and do my nursery (fingers crossed we are in the new house by then!!!).

Miss anything: Having a house. I am really struggling to handle being so unsettled right now. I just want to be pottering about in my own home getting everything set up for baby. I have been drooling over Pinterest and all the ideas I have for our new house and our nursery. I also feel quite claustrophobic by this little hotel room. The week nights aren’t too bad, but on weekends I just need to get out and get some space and fresh air. I get so antsy in this little room. We still have no idea when the house will be ready. Last I heard was it would definitely be done by the first week of April… The Developer has been an absolute pig, so I have stopped asking because I can’t handle his rudeness.

Movement: Lots of kicks and flutters and turns. Not as much as when bubs was dancing on my uterus a couple of weeks ago, so not sure if he/she turned, but this is much more comfortable.

Food cravings: Anything sweet pretty much. I had a little sweet pig out on Easter Sunday, which was totally worth the heart burn! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope,ย I have quite a big appetite!

Gender: No idea. And we really don’t know either. Some people have been asking if we are just pretending that we don’t know, but I can assure you that we really don’t!!!

How’s your mood: Definitely up and down. Anxiety is getting the better of me at the moment. I am finding I am really struggling to cope with pressure at work, stressing about what I’ll do if the house isn’t ready before baby arrives and worrying about money and the cost of this hotel we are living in. Basically turning myself into a ball of anxiety. I’ve also had a few panic attacks recently, so I’ll speak to my obstetrician in a couple of weeks when I next see her and see if she has any advice. I used to take valium to help in these situations, but I haven’t been able to take anything since being pregnant. I am doing yoga and breathing exercises, but it’s not quite cutting the mustard…

Looking forward to: Getting home from work every night, taking my bra off and getting into bed. Bliss.

The Bump: This week I have had a lot of comments at work from people telling me I don’t look pregnant and shouldn’t I be showing by now??? I don’t know if I would say it annoys me, it just makes me feel a bit embarrassed that I know the reason I don’t look pregnant is because of my weight and I feel the need to make a joke about it. It’s no big deal, just a little strange to have people openly comment on your body so much!

I also had a mortifying moment at work this week. I wore a shirt dress that was getting a little too tight around my boobies, but thought I could get away with it. Then in the afternoon I was up on the top level at work and our CEO called me into his office to discuss a work matter with me. This is the first time I have ever been in his office, it’s not like we have a close relationship and he definitely makes me very nervous. Then five minutes into our conversation I looked down and noticed my massive breasts hanging out of my dress because the button had popped open. I probably should have just tried to do the button up, but I panicked, so I just stood awkwardly with my arm across my chest like I was singing the national anthem. I couldn’t focus on anything he was saying and just tried to get my exposed boobies out of there asap. So, probably time to start thinking more about a maternity wardrobe.


Here I am enjoying the sunshine at the beach over the Easter long weekend. Nothing I am wearing is maternity, just clothes I already had pre-pregnancy.


And a photo with my baby daddy…



4 thoughts on “Week 26: 14 April

  1. I think you look great it’s probably that you haven’t ‘popped’ out like many people associate with pregnant ladies. Some people never do ‘show’ that much..but defs expand on the wardrobe to keep those boobies contained lol that has happened to me without being pregnant and it was in front of customers haha!!


  2. Goodness me! Your poor boobies!!!!! Mortified much!!

    I have no idea why people think they can comment on AND TOUCH pregnant women – it’s down right rude.

    Sorry to hear your anxiety is getting the better of you – totally understandable though given the situation you are in. At least having an end date for work might help a little. May the flea’s of 1000 camels infest the arm pits of your developer – dogs act that one. Hope it’s ready soon. X


  3. I got through in normal clothes until about 25 weeks, but then had to get maternity clothes, at least for the bottom. I generally just wore normal tops a size or two bigger than normal (and no buttons!!), but my boobs didn’t get too massive ๐Ÿ™‚ You don’t need to buy too much maternity wise as you just wear the same outfits on high rotation, although maternity trousers and jeans are recommended as they are considerably more comfy than other options.


  4. ahhhh the boobies…embarrassing popping out like that!!
    I got through with normal clothes in my last pregnancy…didn’t “pop” out till the last month!! But hey I reckon you have a neat lill bump there already.
    Hope your house is ready SOON !!!


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