Week 25: 7 April

Weight: This week: 87.8 kilos (193.1 lbs) which is a total gain of 7.8 kilos (17.1 lbs).

How far along: 25 weeks. This feels like another mini milestone. I always said that when we got to 25 weeks that we would start to shop for the basics like a car seat and pram. Now that I am here, it still feels hard because our new house seems so far away and we have nowhere to store any purchases. It is hard to nest in a hotel! We did go and have a look at a few baby shops over the weekend, but we weren’t feeling it and I bought some shoes for myself and AJ bought a new coffee machine instead. Once we get into our new house I can nest properly I guess.

How big is baby: Apparently weighs about the same as a swede- 660 grams and is 35 cms from crown to heel. I am feeling every cm right now, bubs is really taking up a lot of space and putting pressure on my hips, bladder and everything else down there.

Sleep: Not too bad, I always want more, but I can’t complain. I’m lucky that I haven’t popped too much yet, so bubs isn’t getting in my way when I’m sleeping.

Symptoms: My bladder seems to be getting weaker and weaker already. I am not just talking about needing to go to the bathroom constantly, but experiencing leakage… WTF??? I haven’t even given birth yet, I thought this happened after! I am guessing it is from the pressure bubs is putting on me? It is prompting me to get much more serious about those pelvic floor exercises.

Best moment of this week: I started pregnancy yoga this week. It felt good to do something positive for me and bubs. I was really nervous beforehand and really tired from a sleepless night, so I was proud that made it. It was pretty relaxing and exactly what I needed.

Miss anything: Home cooked food. I am trying to prepare fresh and healthy meals as much as possible in the hotel, but mostly I stick to frozen veg pouches, brown rice pods tins of legumes, tuna and cooked chicken. Its hard to prepare much else and now the cooler weather is hitting I would love some home made soup, casseroles, curries and all the things I usually cook in winter. It’s just too hard in this small space though.

Movement: So much movement! On Saturday night bubs was going crazy and AJ could even see my tummy moving from all the kicking. Apparently this reminded him of the movie Alien.

Food cravings: It’s not a craving, but I always feel like hot chips, but I think that is normal for me.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, I think those days are mostly behind me now.

Gender: We still don’t plan on finding out, I’m looking forward to the surprise. It seems to make it more exciting for our friends and family too. Though I know it’s frustrating for people who want to buy us presents… sorry!

How’s your mood: I am generally pretty happy most of the time, but I still have my moments where I anger easily or get overly emotional. AJ copped my wrath in Pottery Barn Kids when he dared suggest we use his sister’s old crib. What was he thinking? Does he know me at all??? I’m sure he won’t make that mistake again… ha ha.

Looking forward to: The four day weekend coming up over Easter. It is just want I need. I’m hoping for lots of sleeping in!

The Bump: It’s still pretty hard to see a defined bump, I really do just look pudgy still. I do have a bump, it is just surrounded by other rolls of fat that hide it. I try to be zen about it most of the time because the only thing that matters is that bubs is healthy… but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t upset me a bit. Especially when so many people comment that they can’t tell I’m pregnant. I know they don’t mean to be rude, but I always feel a bit embarrassed because it’s obviously due to my weight.

Oh and don’t mind my lazy eye… I was really struggling to get a good photo this morning!



9 thoughts on “Week 25: 7 April

  1. If it makes you feel better I think I’ve gained about 8-9kg so far! I really wish I had not gained this much already. As for the shopping it might be worth checking the delivery time for the big things (cot bed, stroller etc) as for me they were around 8 weeks so that’s why I put my order in already. Otherwise other stuff can wait I’m sure.


    • Yeah I am a bit nervous about getting a pram in time. The one I have my eye on can take a while to ship… We are going to a baby show in about a week, so I’m hoping to wait until then to make the big decisions. Fingers crossed…

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  2. With the shopping are you able to buy the items but have them left at the store until you are ready for them?

    With regards to food, a small slow cooker in the hotel room means you can make soups etc, plus it is easy and quick to prepare.


  3. Because I’ve got big boobs and extra weight (I presume this is the reason…), my next door neighbour said she didn’t even know I was pregnant 😥
    My instagram pics of 40 weeks say otherwise to me…


  4. I have a spare room if you feel the urge to shop & need storage!!!

    Lovely Lil Bump!

    Hope you had some magnificent sleeps over easter 🙂 🙂 🙂

    PS you got me up a monster hill last night in your cheerleader out fit LOL! Yes…..I still need all the help I can get!!


    • It is a little horrifying to picture myself in a cheerleading outfit right now haha! Glad I can help, but I hope I don’t give you the giggles during your marathon thinking of my pregnant belly in a lycra cheerleader outfit. 🙂


      • To be honest I don’t really picture your entire body – more your smile & you waving pom poms!! And you have 2 x pony tails 🙂 I am sure Bump would be more than happy to be cheerleading!!!! Of course now I will giggle, but that’s better than crying!!!!


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