Week 24: 31 March

How far along: 24 Weeks.

How big is baby: As long as an ear of corn.

Sleep: As with most weeks, it’s been a mixed bag. Random insomnia, but I do occasionally get a good nights sleep too, so it’s been OK.

Symptoms: I got round ligament pain for the first time this week. It hasn’t been too bad, just a bit uncomfortable really. The other thing getting worse every day is the pressure on my bladder. I’m getting nervous being out and about without a toilet close by. Tonight I met a friend for a walk around The Tan and was desperate for a bathroom and nowhere to go. I’m guessing this will get worse, before it gets better. Eeeek!

Best moment of this week: It was AJ’s birthday this week so I bought him some cute baby presents. It was the first baby stuff I have bought, so it was exciting (and weird) to be buying baby stuff for our own baby. I got him some cute Rock Your Baby outfits (see below), the jumpsuit is referencing a Beastie Boys song (apparently) and the little overalls worked perfect for AJ because he is a big Tigers supporter. It’s strange to think we’ll be taking bubs to a Richmond game in those little overalls before the footy season is over! Of course, I will still be a cats supporter!!!

The last photo is AJ enjoying a birthday dinner at his favourite restaurant, Fancy Hanks… which he calls ‘his spiritual home’!

Miss anything: With AJ’s birthday this week I really missed being able to get involved in some boozy hijinks like we normally do to celebrate. I had a beer with dinner and then I just felt like 10 more… but soon after I was just sleepy and ready for bed. Party animal.

Movement: Lots and lots of movement, getting more vicious by the day!

Food cravings: Just massive sweet cravings this week. I think this has mostly been because I have been so tired this week and my body just wanted sugar. I just hit the Oreo Easter eggs a minute ago, yum!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, no issues there this week.

Gender: No idea. It seems like everyone around me also wants bubs to be a girl, of course we’ll all be happy for a boy or a girl… mostly anyway ha ha!

How’s your mood: I’m great 95% of the time, but the other 5% of the time I feel emotional, easily annoyed and close to tears. I am not normally like this so I find it quite annoying having all these silly feelings! A guy at work was really aggressive and nasty to me this week and I was so close to crying and only just managed to just hold it together. I really don’t want anyone thinking that being pregnant has affected me or to see it as a weakness in the workplace, which unfortunately is something I could see happening at my work.

Looking forward to: I am hanging out for the 4 day weekend over the Easter break. I am just so bloody tired at the moment and need a break from work. It has just been so intense lately and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. My boss even noticed I looked tired and unwell this week and suggested I go home and rest, which is very unusual behaviour for her (she’s a bit of a ball breaker ha ha).

The Bump: So you can see a little bump in this photo, but you still wouldn’t know I was pregnant unless you knew me. I just look pudgy. I am really looking forward to popping out more because I feel like I am missing out on the pregnancy experience by not having a bump. The girls on the pregnancy forum I visit all have such big amazing bumps and I am feeling a bit embarrassed of my little bump. Not to mention all the comments at work from people telling me they can’t tell I’m pregnant… yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it, I’m too fat to look pregnant, thanks for noticing. Oh well, I’ll pop eventually.



3 thoughts on “Week 24: 31 March

  1. A walk around the tan sounds great! I was married in Gardens House in the Botanical Gardens! I think one day you’re just going to pop and it will be amazing!! Lots of people – super skinny or not – take ages to show. Maybe baby is sitting right at your back and that’s why your bump is not so prominent yet. It may even be a blessing I disguise as I’m sure your sleep will be worse once you get bigger!!


  2. Happy Birthday AJ!!! Those clothes are adorable!!! Love love love the the Beastie Boys & well, if bubba isn’t a Cat’s supporter the Tiges are the next best team 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’m with you for the Easter break. I’m thinking I will stay in bed allllllll day Friday!!!!! xo


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