20 Week Scan


Last Monday we had our 20 week scan (I was 20 weeks + 4 days). This is the last big scan we will have as long as everything continues to go well with bubs. Over the last few weeks I have had a gnawing little concern that something could be wrong because of my lack of bump. I was 95% sure that everything was OK, but there is always that little doubt in your mind that likes to worry you at 4.00 am. So I was really pleased to have a scan and be reassured that bubs had all the right parts and is developing well.

Unfortunately though, bubs was not cooperating and the sonographer couldn’t get all the angles he needed to get to finish the scan. So I went away and met with my obstetrician and came back an hour later in the hope that bubs had changed position. Lucky for me, bubs was cooperating a little better and we got everything we needed.

Even when bubs was facing the right way, the sonographer had some trouble seeing everything and had to do an internal scan (which has been the case at all 3 of my scans so far). My first thought was that it was my weight, but he then he asked me if I had any stomach surgery, because I had a lot of scar tissue, so that was the issue. I’ve had two laparoscopies, gall bladder removal, lap band and body lift, so I guess it makes sense that I have a bit of scar tissue. I don’t know if this will have any impact on giving birth?

As we don’t want to find out the gender, we were advised to look away during certain parts of the scan. The sonographer was very good and didn’t let anything slip. AJ had to go back to work for the second part (it took 3 and a half hours!) and I was worried I would accidentally see something while he wasn’t there and trying to work out if I should keep it on the down low or share the news. Lucky for me, that didn’t happen.

It was a bit of fun and very reassuring to see that bubs was doing ok, but as with the last one, I can’t say I felt overly emotional during it. I just don’t feel a massive connection to the baby yet because it doesn’t feel real and, to be honest, it looks kind of like an alien. Obviously I am still waiting for those maternal vibes to kick in! At one stage I almost fell asleep during the scan and AJ had to give me a nudge. I feel like a better mother would be much more alert during these important moments ha ha!

3 thoughts on “20 Week Scan

  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. I used to think most new borns looked like aliens.. and used to say I will be the first to say how ugly my own baby would be. I am a realist and used to worry I would have really ugly babies/kids… (they actually werent too bad..lol) Normal?? who knows…lol Apparently I am far from normal.. My kids turned out ok… sort of..lol 16 and a half yr old girl and a 20 yr old son… they are still alive and well so I did something right. Maternal instinct… hmmm debatable… I fumbled through motherhood. But the moments when they smile at you…. throw thier little arm around your neck and say “I love you” without being prompted just melts your heart. You will be an amazing mum… it will be hard work often… but the good outweighs the bad by 100%
    P.S So happy to see you dont want to know the sex of your baby… how exciting!!


  2. I was the same with the scans, I assumed I would get all emotional & teary eyed at the sight of my precious baby but it was more like “oh OK yeah it looks a bit babylike”. Despite many books, blogs & well meaning people there is no right way to feel and no right way to do stuff – you know apart from the obvious feed change & love it. You do what is best for you, your baby & your family, mine turned out pretty bloody good & I am sure I made some monumental parenting mistakes (and yes I actually would forget to feed them on the weekends until they came and asked if it was lunchtime yet – at 3pm :-).

    We didn’t find out the sex of either of ours.


  3. I guess it’s fab that you were so relaxed you almost fell asleep!! I’d be packing it!!!

    I admire you wanting to keep the sex a surprise – I’m not sure I’d be able to look away from the sonogram 🙂 🙂 🙂


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