Week 19: 24 February

How far along: 19 weeks, which is apparently half way. Woo hoo!!! I thought 20 weeks was half way, but my app tells me 19 weeks is, so that seems like something to celebrate.

How big is baby: This week bubs is the size of a heirloom tomato. Weird, that seems smaller than the capsicum from last week. These things make no sense.

Sleep: It’s about the same, I’m getting used to not having a lot of sleep. I seem to wake up about 4.00 am and struggle to get back to sleep. Then at 3.00 pm I am ready for a nap (if only I could!).

Symptoms: No major symptoms, but this week I’ve had my 3rd pregnancy cold. The worst part is that you can’t really take any drugs to help you feel better. It has really wiped me out this week.

Best moment of this week: No particular moment this week, just every day that passes and gets me closer to moving back into the city is a good moment. The final countdown is on!

Miss anything: I’d love a McDonald’s thick shake, but you aren’t allowed to eat softserve ice cream. Boo hoo. 

Movement: I am feeling baby flutters on and off again this week, nothing major, but something is definitely going on.

Food cravings: I’ve lost my appetite a bit this week- shocking! It hasn’t exactly stopped me from eating, but I haven’t felt overly excited by food this week. It’s a weird feeling.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I think the long car ride to and from work is making me feel a bit off. When I get out of the car I feel shaky and nauseous. Oh well, not too much longer before I move and won’t have such a long commute.

Gender: I still don’t know, but I did a Chinese gender prediction test and it said it was a girl. Yay!

How’s your mood: I am feeling a bit tried, irritable and hormonal. I hate not feeling like myself. I can tell sometimes that I am being a bit sooky or getting angry about work emails that are not that big of a deal. It’s awful feeling out of control and knowing that you are being unreasonable. 

Looking forward to: I have a few days off work next week for a little pre-baby break. I am counting down the minutes. God I can’t wait.

The Bump: It’s more of a bulge than a bump and it’s getting more pronounced to me, but its hard for other people to tell that I am pregnant at all. I’d love it if colleagues would stop commenting on my lack of bump, but I suspect that’s not going to happen any time soon. Today at work I was telling the reception ladies that I was pregnant and a girl I don’t know came over who also happened to be pregnant. She had a bump as big as a basketball on her little frame. I just assumed she was due well before me, but it turns out that she is due the same time. Oh my god. This is getting embarrassing.



5 thoughts on “Week 19: 24 February

  1. Heirloom tomatoes are HUUUUUGE ha ha (dad is growing them, picked one that weighed close to 600gm), so really, it is kind accurate LOL (thought you might need a laugh today ;p)

    Enjoy your mini break. It’ll give you a good chance to take a few deep breaths and gather your thoughts…and hopefully allow you to get a good night’s sleep!

    And your bump will pop out when he/she is ready to say “Hi, I’m almost here!”



  2. So long as your bump is healthy don’t worry about it’s size! My sis didn’t need maternity clothes til 7 months while someone else she knew who was pregnant at the same time popped at 12 weeks & was in maternity gear then! Sis was on the smaller size & other lady was larger by frame comparison!

    Halfway is definitely worth celebrating & I hope your mini break is awesome!!!

    Hi bump!!!!! (waving……….again!)


    • Thanks Cat, that is reassuring. I know logically that I shouldn’t let it bother me, but sometimes I worry or feel embarrassed. Oh the silly things we worry about… 🙂


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