Week 17: 10 February

How far along: 17 weeks!

How big is baby: The size of a turnip. That just makes me think of yummy homemade soup.

Sleep: Up and down. Insomnia strikes about half of the time, but I guess I am getting used to it. I just try not to worry about it snuggle up with AJ while he snoozes and play with my phone (when the internet works here).

Symptoms: Not too many physical symptoms. I’m tired, grumpy and stressed, but I think that is more about my living situation right now and not pregnancy. I think physical symptoms are going well this week though.Β 

Best moment of this week: To be honest, I couldn’t think of any great moments this week. I am trying to find my happy placeΒ in small things like burning a nice candle, going on a weekend walk, watching a movie with AJ. It’s the little things…

Miss anything: Hmmm, what don’t I miss… my own space, a kitchen, not sharing a bathroom with teenagers, phone service, internet, TV reception… Not that I am complaining or anything… πŸ™‚

Movement: I think I actually felt something this week. A few times I felt some pretty major flutters in my tummy that I am pretty sure wasΒ bubs somersaulting around inside.

Food cravings: Nothing in particular, but still enjoying fruit, which is unusual for me.

Anything making you queasy or sick: The same things like coffee, mints, pepsi max, but they are making me feel much less sick now. Things are on the way up.

Gender: I don’t know! I am projecting girl because I really want it to be girl. Most people say they think I am having a girl because they know I am a girly type and would suit having a little girl. Or they are trying to be nice and make me feel better!

How’s your mood: Oh my goodness, I am a mess. I cried on the train tonight while reading a sad book. So that says it all.

Looking forward to: Just moving into this next stage of my life, I’m ready to fast forward past the next few months and be in my new house, on maternity leave, with my baby.

The Bump: I know you can’t see anything in the photo below, but I can see it a bit more now and I can definitely feel it. I am starting to get a lot of comments from people who think its strange I don’t have a bump yet, but it really is quite normal from what I have read. I am not expecting to be showing for another 4 or so weeks.



13 thoughts on “Week 17: 10 February

  1. I love these updates!! Please keep them coming Sweet xxI also like that I get to see hopefully around 38 of your outfits cause I like your style ;)Hang in there re living arrangements….this too shall pass I kept telling myself in the shed (for a year! lol)Lots of love xxx

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    • Well I’m going to need to buy some tents soon because most of my clothes are not fitting, nothing to do with the bump, I’m just expanding everywhere ha ha!

      Yes, if you can handle the shed, I can get through this! Eye on the prize.


  2. All things considering, you are looking well. Hopefully you can catch up on some sleep soon. Hope the new house is coming along and will be done on time. Have you tried ginger to help ease the queasiness?


  3. You look beautiful!!! Glowing as someone else has said. As my young niece would say “eyes on the prize” – you’ll be in your new home before you know it & the nightmare of travelling so far & sharing with so many will be distant memory (even though I know you are grateful for said temporary arrangements!!). X


  4. You really do look wonderful! I know you are doing it tough but try to just take each day as it comes… sleep when you can and eat well. Wont be long and you will wake up with a wonderful big baby bump and as you get bigger you will be wishing it was a small bump again!! Especially when jnr is poking your bladder constantly!!


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