12 Week Scan


On Saturday 14th January I had my “12 week scan” except I was 13 weeks and 1 day, which is completely fine. This scan was to track bubs growth and has all the right parts (heart, brain, kidney etc.). It is also to check for Downs Syndrome and I am pleased to say that our little bub is all OK and measuring slightly ahead of schedule.

AJ came with me to the scan and it was lovely to see bub wiggling around and hear the heartbeat again, but we didn’t really feel emotional. I am not sure if I am a horrible mother already, but it all feels so far removed. My biggest concern was that our parking meter was about to run out and I didn’t want to get a fine. I’m not sure if it is all sinking in yet!

Our ultrasound technician had to do the the scan internally as she couldn’t see what she needed through my tummy. She didn’t say it was because I was too fat… but of course that is what I thought. Plus our photo of bub is a bit blurry and I read a forum for plus size pregnancy that a lot of the women said their ultrasound pictures were blurry because it’s hard to get a good photo through that extra layer of fat. I mentioned something to AJ when we got out and he just rolled his eyes and said he knew I was going to say that.

Now that we have the all-clear at the scan I guess we can start telling people our big news, but I feel really weird telling people. It seems so personal and I am a quite private person (despite this blog!). Maybe I’ll put it off another couple of weeks… I have almost let it slip several times at work now. I think about it so much and it affects so much of my life right now that I completely forget that everyone around me doesn’t know.


7 thoughts on “12 Week Scan

  1. I found it hard announcing my pregnancies also. Maybe just slip it into the conversations as if you thought they already realised…. as in..stop trying to not talk about it anymore. 🙂 and I am also sure when you start feeling the kicks and movements you will feel a little differently about the beautiful little human you have both created.


  2. Sorry to say, but every mum is convinced they are a crap mum at some point, and most of us at several points before and during motherhood.
    Those maternal feelings will come at some point. It took me several weeks after the birth of my twins to really feel that connection, prior to that they were just cute little fragile things that tortured me with sleep deprivation techniques. I knew I needed to look after them and be available to them, but there was no mushy feelings.
    And other mums will feel it right from conception. We’re all different and we’re all good.


  3. There is zero possibility of you being a horrible mum!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was going to suggest buying a tshirt that says baby inside or little footprints that say coming soon……………… but you’re probably trying to conserve cash.

    I made an announcement a month or so ago at a family birthday dinner (to remind them it was uncle Pete’s birthday next week ) & I swear to god they all thought I was going to be making THAT announcement. Some of the faces were priceless!!!


  4. I had that with the scan re. clarity and I had to be referred to a special scan centre for my second scan. The lady was nice there and kindly said it wasn’t definitely because of extra weight that I had to go there, She said sometimes very skinny women have extra uterine wall thickness so it could just be that 🙂

    I also hated my body becoming the centre of focus and public property for people to discuss. I hated people commenting on my body changes daily – when would that happen elsewhere in life?? And suddenly people think it’s acceptable. I hated that.


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