Week 13: 13 January

I stole this weekly update from Breathe Gently’s blog, I thought it would be fun to look back on one day.

How far along: 13 weeks- second trimester!
How big is baby: Almost as long as a pea pod.
Sleep: Waking up constantly in the night, but I’m being careful not to reach for my phone to browse and try and get back to sleep.
Symptoms: I’ve had a lot of pressure/cramping in my groin/abdomen that has made it very uncomfortable to sit all day at work. Nothing serious, just quite uncomfortable.
Best moment of this week: Getting some lovely sunflowers at work from AJ to brighten my day.
Miss anything: My mum, I had a sudden craving for her yorkshire puddings and wished she was here to make them for me.
Movement: You aren’t supposed to be feeling baby yet I don’t think, but I definitely feel twitching, I think it is just stuff happening in my tummy (like growing a baby).
Food cravings: Yorkshire pudding.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Coffee. I still can’t stand it.
Gender: No idea!
How’s your mood: Struggling this week because of some issues with our living situation and feeling sorry for myself that it all has to be so hard right now.
Looking forward to: Just making it through each week right now.
The Bump: Not much happening there just yet except my usual podginess.


Excuse the mess, we are moving!


6 thoughts on “Week 13: 13 January

  1. Okay, yes, you have bazoongas… LOL! Mine didn’t grow very much during either of my pregnancies!!

    Re: yorkshire pudding, they’re not as good as home made (and obviously won’t have the sentiment of being your mum’s), but the Aunt Betty’s frozen yorkshire puddings are pretty good in a pinch.

    Sorry you have to move again 😦


  2. So so happy for you and AJ. I have been reading your blog forever (I don’t comment – sorry😢😢😢)
    I look forward to following this amazing time – it will be the most amazing thing to ever happen to you. Not saying it’s easy; far from it but rewarding ABSOLUTELY! I am sure your beautiful mother is with you on this journey, Rhonda


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