The 5% Rule

I’ve done every diet under the sun over the years. I’ve lost and gained hundreds and hundreds of kilos on these diets. Now I’ve decided I really only follow one simple rule when it comes to healthy living: only consume food and drink with less than 5% sugar.

This works well for my body because I have insulin resistance and my body does not respond well to sugar. In the past I have tried to eat low carb, but I think it’s more important for me to monitor sugar, rather than carbs now.

Let me tell you, this eliminates a lot of foods! I tend to eat a lot of lean meat, vegetables, salad and eggs. I supplement this with brown rice, freekeh, quinoa and legumes. But, it isn’t always practical to prep and cook these foods and a lot of the time I simply can’t be bothered. So these are my go-to items that get me by in-between cooking sessions.

Of course Im not perfect and tubs of ice cream and macaroni and cheese will regularly make an appearance in my diet, but this is the principle I follow most of the time.

I’d love to know if anyone else has any great low sugar products to share. Oh and if you can find me an ice cream with less than 5% sugar, I will give you every cent I have (disclosure: I am poor).

Mayvers Peanut Butter– Dark Roasted is my favourite, best eaten straight out of the jar!


Jalna Greek Natural Yoghurt– Why are yoghurts so full of sugar? This hits the spot.


Hubbard’s Natural Muesli- 5 Grains & Hazelnuts– Wow is it hard to find a low sugar cereal!


Sirena Tuna in Oil with Chilli– On corn thins or just on its own as a snack


Corn Thins– Topped with cheese and avocado

300-web Corn Thins.jpg

Cool Pak PopcornΒ – For movie night, or any night…


Coles Simply Less Dark Chocolate– For those sweet cravings




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