That’s a First

It’s been about 7 years now since I lost a significant amount of weight, but this weekend I experienced a new “first”. When I was initially losing the bulk of the weight after my lapband I was constantly experiencing these firsts and it was an exciting and daunting time in my life.

I can vividly remember so many of these firsts: Going on an amusement park ride, buying clothes from regular size shops, doing up my seatbelt buckle on a plane, getting a massage, travelling overseas, learning to drive, applying for professional work, swimming at the beach, going to a music festival. It makes me emotional just to think about it.

So, this weekend I went on a jumping castle for the first time in my life! AJ’s sister has recently bought a jumping castle business (what a cool job!) and she needed help packing down after an event. When we got there everyone had already left and she asked if we wanted to have a jump before we packed up. I am normally a bit of a reserved person, but I didn’t hesitate, I kicked off my shoes and jumped in. It was so much fun!!!

When I was a little girl I used to pretend that I was too scared to do things like go in jumping castles (and dive in the pool and go water skiing and go on amusement rides). I honestly thought I was so fat that I would break a jumping castle, but of course I wasn’t. I was so scared of being embarrassed or teased by other kids that I held myself back from so many life experiences.

I wish I didn’t wait to lose weight before living my life to the full, but I’m happy I am doing it now!





9 thoughts on “That’s a First

  1. Girl, I know exactly how you feel. I too for the first time went on a jumping castle in March this year at my cousin’s 5th birthday. I too avoided all of these things, including swing sets, just in case the chains broke due to my weight. I always used to be very wary of what chair I would sit on in case it gave way under my weight, esp those spring fold chairs with the material.

    At almost 39 years of age (sheesh!), I’m only now experiencing a lot of firsts, which is pretty sad really. Still a lot of firsts to go :`(.


  2. I literally got goosebumps reading this, a world of firsts could be in my future one day. How exciting for you.m I can relate to the the embarrassment stuff we you were younger, though a lot of the times I actually did exceed the weight limit of certain things.


  3. Oh I hear you Sweet!! I am now the queen of saying fuck it & giving everything a shot (especially fun kid stuff)- bouncy castles, water slides, swings, flying foxes, trampolines….(& it’s even more fun after a few 🍷🍾) Ba ha ha 😂👊 Love your work & your style & you!! 😘 xx

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