7 Years with the Lapband

Wow. Time really does fly.

Today is 7 years since I had my lapband surgery. It feels like yesterday, but also like it was another life time ago.

I started at 129.7 kilos (285.5 lbs) and my lowest weight was about 72 kilos (158.5 lbs) before I had body lift surgery. During that time my weight has fluctuated massively and I have lost and gained the same 15 kilos dozens of times. Sigh. Right now my weight sits about 82 kilos (180.5 lbs). I am happy with these results and how far I have come.


Me before


Me now

So how is life with the lapband after 7 years? I honestly don’t notice it much anymore. It really isn’t a big part of my life like it was in the first few years. I keep the band almost empty (for reasons listed here) so it doesn’t assist with weight loss or hunger and I can eat almost anything (and lots of it). The only time I still have trouble with food going down is if I am anxious, tired or sick.

I count myself very lucky (touch wood) that I haven’t had any major issues with my lapband. I personally know of at least 5 people who have had their lapbands removed due to complications over the years. I have also read countless bloggers who have had their bands removed due to serious issues too. I do sometimes think about having my band removed because I don’t use it anyway and I would hate to encounter those health problems, but I haven’t been brave enough to willingly go under the knife yet (or wanted to pay for it).

I have complained a lot over the years about how the lapband didn’t work the way I had hoped it would for me. What I do think it did was give me the confidence in myself to lose the weight. I don’t think I really believed that I could do it before I had the lapband.

I found this post on my old blog that I wrote just before I had the lapband about all the things I won’t miss after losing weight. It’s hard to read it and remember that person who was so miserable and scared of everything. I do not subscribe to the opinion that you need to lose weight to be happy. Losing weight did change my life for the better, but that was because of my own personal demons with weight, my body and confidence.

And finally…

Do you regret having lapband surgery? No.

Would you recommend lapband surgery? No.

You can read all about my experience with the lapband here at my old blog if you are interested.

4 thoughts on “7 Years with the Lapband

  1. You’ve done very well with this, and the fact you have kept almost all your weight off is a reflection of your own hard work, and not the lapband.

    I LOVE your conclusions and fully agree. I don’t regret having been banded, I suppose, but I would never recommend the band to anyone. There are far more perfected WLS tools out there, with far fewer complications and much much better results.


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