Downward Spiral


Since losing my job last week, a huge focus for me has been on making sure I don’t spiral into a dark (and fat) place. It doesn’t take much for me to lose myself and wake up 20 kilos heavier, even when life is going well.

Almost every year I seem to go down a hole at some point and gain anywhere between 5 – 30 kilos. Sometimes it is sparked by a stressful time in my life, but sometimes it just seems to happen and I don’t realise until I none of my clothes fit me and I don’t recognise myself in the mirror. I seem to be very good at living in denial.

I know that being unemployed could be a trigger for depression and anxiety for me as I am susceptible at the best of times. So right now I am really committed to focusing on my physical and mental health at this time when I know I might be vulnerable. I need to find a new job and I can only do that if I feel good about myself- mind, body and spirit.

One thing I can do for my physical and mental health is exercise. Who would have thought I would ever say that?

Prior to being made redundant from my job I hadn’t been to the gym in about a year. Let’s face it, the gym is just not a good time. It gets boring and people sweat everywhere and often lack basic manners. Now that I have a lot of spare time on my hands and energy to burn, I am back at the gym every day to try and get those happy endorphins.

I am lucky that my apartment building has a lovely gym and pool available for me to use for free and a great river trail just outside my front door. It also helps that I can exercise during the day and avoid the sweaty crowds. Plus, I really  don’t have much else to do with my day and it makes me feel like I have achieved something.

So I’ve got the exercise part covered, now I just need to turn my attention to stress/comfort/boredom eating… Oh but it is just so damn satisfying…



7 thoughts on “Downward Spiral

  1. So sorry to hear about your job layoff. It has happened to me, and it’s a shocker. You sound pretty sane right now, though! Exercise every day sounds perfect, it will make you feel better like nothing else can — even chocolate and wine. :). Hang in there!


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