It’s Sunday night and I would normally be working myself into a state of anxiety about the work week ahead. Except I am not doing that tonight because I was made redundant from my job last week. Oh boy.

Oh boy

I have never lost a job and it feels so weird. I am shocked, embarrassed, angry and scared all at once. Everyone tells you not to take it personally and that it was for the best, but it’s hard to see that in the moment. I take my career pretty seriously and I don’t have a whole heap of other things going on in my life.


But I have to admit that I also feel a huge sense of relief about it too. I didn’t actually like my job, so I am not going to miss it at all. I am just disappointed by how things worked out. Or didn’t work out…


So right now I am going to turn off my normal Monday morning alarm and try and get some sleep. Hopefully better things are coming.

work out.gif


9 thoughts on “Redundant

  1. Not the ideal way to leave a job, but you can stop procrastinating about whether or not to leave I guess. I’m sorry it worked this way. I was made redundant once & it was not a nice feeling. Fingers crossed something you like presents itself very soon. Hope you enjoyed your sleep in (& actually slept……………) xoxo


  2. So sorry to read that things didn’t work out but as you said, if you weren’t happy there, it was probably a blessing in disguise for bigger and better things. I was made redundant a few years ago, so I know how you feel. Hope you find your dream job soon. I’m still waiting for mine.


  3. Your job may have become redundant, but YOU are not! I hope you can get past the shock and embrace that opportunity to find something that you love. Consider going back to school or even starting your own company. My suggestion is to let yourself have a few days of shock and mourning and then hit it HARD! Set your alarm like normal. Get up, shower, put on make up and business clothes. Submit applications, research companies you’d like to work for, visit an employment department on a regular basis, network with all your friends and relatives that you are looking and want to be notified of job openings. Leave your house at least once per day. Go to the gym or for a walk around the neighborhood. Go have a coffee and check your email. Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do for work or learn more about and then identify the steps to make them happen. Some may not be reasonable, but who knows where you might end up! You can do this!



  4. So sorry to hear that 😦 I was made redundant 5 months ago so I know how you feel. Hope you’ve managed to enjoy your first week and are starting to formulate ideas for your next move. It’s definitely a trying time but we’ll get through it!


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