Bra Shopping

I made a new years resolution this year to do one simple thing. Buy some good bras.

Lets do that

Well it sounds simple, but buying the perfect fitting bra has always evaded me. Mostly due to my own lack of effort.

Since I had lower body lift surgery a couple of years back my body shape has really changed and I now have huge boobs. Well, not just boobs, but back fat too (yay!). So I am pretty top heavy and I really need to be doing more to support those big things. My normal routine of going to Target and buying a bra that looked around the right size and was under $25 was no longer working for me.

My left boob is also almost a full size bigger than my right side. There isn’t much I can do about that, but I just wanted to share that little gem with you. Why don’t they make bras that cater to us uneven chested women? Or maybe it is just me with this problem?


So on Saturday I made it my mission to find a bra that fit me properly. I wasn’t particularly excited by this task, especially because I tore my rotator cuff in December and just putting a bra on every day is painful, let alone trying on 20 at the one time. It was a necessary evil though because I had recently purchased two dresses that needed some assistance in the bra stakes. So I psyched myself up for it.

nod gif

It turns out that if you are over a size 14 or above a D cup you are going to have a lot of trouble finding a good bra in Australia. It’ll be even harder to find one that doesn’t look like it belongs to your grandmother. The whole experience really sucked and reminded me why I don’t normally put in any effort with bra shopping. I was surrounded by beautiful bras and only about 5% of them came in my size (18 DD). Damn it.


Then I was walking past City Chic and thought I would have a little look and see if they had any bras. I totally struck gold. Why didn’t I know that City Chic have the best plus size bras?

The City Chic bras managed to encase my big boobies, lift them up without my cup spilling over and control my back fat situation.

win gif

I probably need to keep working on my quest to find the perfect bra (if such a thing exists), but I have made a good start. My next step would be to get professionally fitted, but I am not sure I am ready for that yet.

boob gif

This is not a sponsored post. I only dream of people paying me for shit like this.


6 thoughts on “Bra Shopping

  1. Ya poor bugger! Bra shopping is horrid at the best of times. Well done on the City Chic find. I still remember my first time bra shopping as a teenager – Mum took me to a department store (in the country), the lady who served me was the mum of one of my school friends & she man handled my barely there boobage. Oh the shame!!! And yes, you were supposed to laugh!!!!


  2. I HATE bra shopping too, I would love to be a DD, I am more in the F-G range (yes that is a thing). Getting a proper fitting is actually a really good thing they are generally really nice and non judgy and can select a few options that will work with what you need, and give honest feedback if it does not work. I just go to the Bendon factory shops here, especially when they have “everything $ 20” sales.


  3. The brand Fayreform are what you are looking for! I’m an 18G and they have many up to a J cup. Go to the Berlei factory outlet and you can usually get them for around $20.


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