The Bloody Scales


After being unexpectedly weighed by my plastic surgeon last week I decided I had to break my self-imposed scale ban and see what I weighed on my own scales. I figured I would have the home ground advantage with my own scales. When my surgeon weighed me I had drunk a glass of water and was wearing my underwear, which was obviously adding at least 5 kilos!

So I weighed myself last Friday morning and the result was 86.1 kilos (189.4 lbs) which was 2.4 kilos less than he weighed me. Phew. That number is much closer to where I thought my weight was currently sitting.

The ridiculous thing is that the number on the scale changes nothing. I am the same person I was before I knew how much I weighed. I should look and feel exactly the same regardless of whether I know or don’t know how much I weigh, right?

But, it doesn’t work like that for me because after knowing my weight I started feeling fatter. I stared at myself in the mirror at home and my brain was thinking “Oh yeah, you are really quite fat, look at your chubby face and how wide you are. Oh and those arms are like planks of wood, keep those covered up.”

It’s the Schrödinger’s cat of the scales. When I didn’t know how much I weighed I could be simultaneously thin or fat in my head. Once I knew the number, I was just fat.

Clearly weighing myself is not healthy for me. I am trying to feel good about my body regardless of its weight and size­­. So, I won’t make a habit of weighing myself in the future, but I will step on the scales occasionally to measure my progress, if I feel like it.


7 thoughts on “The Bloody Scales

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