Not Just a Dress

I did something completely crazy and out of character for me last week. I bought a dress in a size that actually fits me right now. Not a dress that will fit me when I lose weight. It actually fits me today. See, crazy!

Even more unbelievable is that it is a dress to wear to a wedding in 2 months. The old me would have pledged to lose 5 kilos before this wedding and buy a dress in a size too small as ‘motivation’. Then on the night before the wedding I would be hyperventilating in a change room and hating myself for being so fat and undisciplined and spend way too much money on a dress I could barely tolerate. Oh the memories…

So this is the dress. It is a bit glitzy, but the wedding is on a Friday night, so hopefully I can get away with it. I just need to add a spray tan, some red lippy and strappy heels and I am good to go.


I actually ordered 5 dresses from ASOS, all in size 18, and only 2 fit me (the others were way too small god damn it). I was restricted for choice because I had to buy something that was loose around my back, asΒ I have some major lumps and bumps that stand out after my body lift surgery a few years ago. I am also pretty self conscious of my arms so I wanted a sleeve of some sort. And, lastly, I wanted to actually like it and feel like it reflected my style a little bit. I think I succeeded.

So here is to a year of loving myself enough to only buy clothes that actually fit me. I am sure my wardrobe will thank me.



6 thoughts on “Not Just a Dress

  1. Good for you for buying a dress that fits now….. I too am guilty of buying a dress too small thinking it will help me to lose the weight…. ugh… All it does for me is make me feel worse and fill my wardrobe with clothes that don’t fit!


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