The Awkward Years

I was going through some old pictures recently and was wondering who that weird girl with the bushy eyebrows was in all the family photos… Oh hello teenage me.

My only defense is that the 1990’s were a particularly cruel decade for style. Not that I had much choice because this was back before plus sized clothing existed and I was forced to wear homemade clothes or dedicate hours to stretching our regular sized t-shirts until they fit me.

I know everyone says they were an awkward teenager, but I pretty much spent the ages 12-17 reading books, picking at my pimples and being scared of my own shadow.

Can you believe that I didn’t ever have a boyfriend in high school??!!

Bike shorts

I actually wore this outfit to a casual clothes day in year 7. I remember showing up and seeing what all the other girls were wearing and realising bike shorts were not cool. I’m not sure how I didn’t already know this. I blame my parents.

school photo

I call this photo ‘acne and eyebrows’. I think it speaks for itself.


Just sitting uncomfortably on the beach and wishing I could be inside and away from nature.

balance jumper

I think the look on my face says it all.

school awards

Classic awkward fat girl move: hold an object over your stomach for coverage. I recall the buttons on that school dress were only just holding on for dear life.

dads bday

If I ever become a serial killer, I think that this would be the photo that the newspapers would use. My family don’t even want to be near me in this photo. Probably because it looks like I am plotting to kill them.

tree 2

I must have thought that if I had enough hair, no one would see my body.


This is me (right) getting dressed up for a ball… it’s not quite what the young girls are wearing to their school formal these days. I am pretty sure that was one of my mum’s shirts. I was always on the cutting edge of style.

good jumper

This is where I finally discovered tweezers… Also, those were my first pair of jeans ever and they were so tight around the waist that the button fly completely ripped open, but I continued to wear them for about two years because that was the biggest size the store had at the time.


6 thoughts on “The Awkward Years

  1. Tully ❤️❤️ I missed your blogs after I found you in 2013. Your story was such an inspiration to my weight loss journey and I am so so happy you are writing again. I am glad this is your therapy – you are amazing and are still inspiring me now


  2. My favorite is the serial killer photo. You have beautiful hair. You’re adorable then and now! The awkward teen years are hard on us all. If I could post a pic here in the comments, it would be one of my in the 1980’s with big (and I mean BIG) hair, yellow earrings the size of shower curtain rings, a smattering of acne across my heavily made up face (blue eye liner around my brown eyes). I was wearing a long silky peach collar shirt and white knit leggings. I looked like Boy George’s awkward cousin.


  3. All I can say is thank god we are not defined by our awkie teenage years!!! I was rather fond of purple eye shadow…………….lots of purple eye shadow……………..


  4. I also have a lot of pictures with a lot of hair and oversized shorts thinking i was SO Big, but probably not with a bmi over 25. When that is said I think you should stop mocking yourself at any age when you are working on loving yourself. How can you feel ok as you are when you know you could end up mocking yourself in 5 years? And if you mock you – what would others do? Start loving your teenage self, she needs your protection


  5. Glad to see you back blogging. Sorry to hear that you have been through such a rough couple of years. I too, am trying to cope with life and closed my blog down too. Weight gain and depression has made me realise that I need to get back into blogging again (but I will be keeping it locked down for the moment). You are still looking fabulous by the way….


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