Hello again my friends

I had a blog for almost 8 years which mostly focussed on my attempts at weight loss… and the inevitable weight gain. I closed it down in 2014 shortly after my mum died and I wanted to close myself off from the world as much as possible. After I closed my blog down I realised that I missed blogging so, so much. I had no idea how much writing helped me process my thoughts and connect with my blogging friends.

Or, maybe I am just a narcissist and need the attention…

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18 thoughts on “Hello again my friends

  1. So sorry to hear about your mum.
    I’m glad you’ve come back to your blog, i’ve missed reading it. I’ve been checking it occassionally over the last several months just in case. And now i’m glad i did.


  2. I was just thinking about you a few days ago! I hope you are ok. You were so brave with your Mum’s illness. It seemed so quick. How is your brother?


  3. Hi ‘C’, Tully… as if I’d forget you… lol! Lovely to see you back, I hope blogging helps you reconnect to all of us bloggers! And gives you a happy place to blog about whatever takes ya fancy.


  4. Welcome back! I actually bookmarked your old blog and have been visiting it every now and then, hoping that you would return. I’m very happy to see that you’re back. x


  5. Like everyone else I kept clicking your page on my saved bookmarks just hoping you might be back….. and now you are and probably like everyone else here we all have a story or 2 or maybe 3 to share about life and weight. Nice to see you back and look forward to your posts. x


  6. I’ve been checking to see if you’ve returned, and lo and behold here you are! Glad you’re back I really enjoyed your blog!


  7. Oh yay! I’ve been reading your blog for years, but didn’t often leave a comment as I didn’t have my own blog. I love your writing, and your blog, and I’m glad to see you back.


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